All colors of the world of Giovanni Montanaro Review

This little book – a sort of epistolary novel – tells of a painter of light and color could bring to life like no other, and leads us back to a time that you dark Crazy. If a madman dies, it remains his place in the foster family not long empty (the waiting list at the registry office in Antwerp is long). So a new guest to be brought to the lunch wagon and received with a village festival is expected in October.

1877 But by the evening no one pulls up. Only when the glittering party already raging, it turns out that it has drifted a stranger here. “I have lost,” reports the strange redhead; Even as a child you have called him “fou roux”, the “redheaded madman”, and his name was Vincent van Gogh. (Whether Vincent van Gogh was ever actually in Geel, let alone lived to be seen; we just let Montanaros imagination take its course…)

Because now even a bed is free, it takes the wealthy, hospitable family Vanheim in their house, the most beautiful of the place on.

In addition to three own children, the thirteen-year-old orphan Teresa Ohneruh lives (in the original Italian “Senzasogni”) for a long time under its protective umbrella. Whose mother was considered to be “possessed” was mistaken “extinct View” and “wild mane devil” by her hard life until a “cad” impregnated her and she died her daughter at birth. The royal inspector holding the baby to be healthy, but decided to give it care to protect it “from the prying eyes and the naive superstition of the villagers.

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” Just the doctor does not understand what is going on with the child on himself, but he feels there is something that “made into something special” it.

The encounter with Monsieur van Gogh is for Teresa an incisive they will pursue throughout their lives experience. For the first time it takes lustful longing true and met secretly her new forbidden desire, although they must fear being like her mother punished by madness. The awareness of being a woman, she agrees happy; she wants to give love and receive love, maybe get married and have children. Only goal is their hearts and minds and remains Vincent: “What I would have liked more to love or be loved by you … What kind of woman I would be today?”

In addition to the profound similarities between they recognize Teresa until then hidden passion for “all the colors of the world” in Vincent’s character and helps him to develop them. Because lately van Gogh went around as a lay preacher, has here and there Charcoal sketches of people and nature dahinschraffiert could thus sometimes exchange a place to stay. Teresa sees in his eyes that he “fulfilled urge … to the core”, and puts him on the way “to go to finally to the land of colors”: You buy him the merchant Monsieur Zoek that Sunday afternoon issued the madman painting lessons , oil paints, brushes and canvas.

Soon, their paths separate again because van Gogh moves on. As a twenty-six Teresa, begins a long, harrowing letter without knowing whether he will ever reach its addressee ( “Dear Monsieur van Gogh”). She describes in life in Geel and their own career – how to read and learning to write, van Gogh met and loves, and later witnessed the epileptic seizure, which he suffered his first color image while painting. Basically, she was a happy person – until it is denounced by a medical report as “crazy”. From then on, let memories of the vanished “colored happiness … and the pain that should not release us,” their eyes are not dry. A decade later, in spring 1889, Teresa and Vincent van Gogh meet again in the mental hospital Saint-Remy near Arles; Van Gogh does not recognize them.

Teresa is in many ways an extraordinary person. She pines for warming love. In each set of her letter one gets deeper and deeper drawn into the vortex of their feelings. You can be the capacity for compassion hardly escape, because much of what she is hardly bearable experience must. Because of their special she gets into the focus of science, is subjected to a coveted and valuable object and fearsome analyzes and therapies. ” The unusual, sensitive woman walks while unavoidably perish; before it is finally completely destroyed and the madness reached its peak, she has only one wish: to be allowed to be themselves. Just this one does not allow it.

The novel whose protagonist and narrator Teresa is convinced and first bind less by its narrative style (Karin Krieger has translated into German), its unusual subject matter and its diverse structure , In the end, he holds a surprising turn ready.


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