Alcohol has become a major health concern in America over the last few years, especially among women. “From 2007 to 2017, the number of deaths attributable to alcohol increased 35 percent” (O’Donnell, par. 6), and according to the article, death due to alcohol complications amongst women has climbed to 85%. Alcohol can affect nearly every organ in the body and can cause heart disease, certain types of cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, dependency, and much more. Suicide is also a leading cause of death due to alcohol addiction.

Alcohol companies are also advertising everywhere people can see and are now focusing on women and mothers. There are ads for alcohol everywhere; on television, social media, billboards and magazines. The article states that states that have more stringent laws on where and when establishments can sell alcohol have lower rates of death due to binge drinking.

States like Wisconsin where the drinking culture is alive and well are suffering greatly. Many women, especially mothers are also turning to alcohol to ease stress, depression, and postpartum depression, causing them to develop a dependency on alcohol, which can lead to these dire consequences.

Mothers are drinking to ease stress of work, children, and the stress of comparing themselves to other parents that they view in social media and other outlets. Excessive drinking can easily become a slippery slope as they are drinking a glass or two of wine a night, and slowly it becomes more when their children are in bed, as an attempt to escape the pressures of life.

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Another factor is the media and even other parents are minimizing the effects that alcohol can have. It is often suggested to unwind with a drink at the end of the day. If your children are being difficult, if you had a bad day at work, the suggestion is to always sit down with a drink after your children have been put to bed. Very few are speaking about the detriments that come forth once someone develops a dependency on alcohol. Alcoholism can be a taboo subject, people, especially women can be embarrassed to seek treatment or admit that they may have a problem. Alcoholism is a social problem that has dire health consequences, and unless we address the addiction that is plaguing our community, we need to remove the taboo of alcoholism and assist individuals in receiving treatment. The effects of alcoholism are costly in many different ways. Alcohol is a poison and if drunk in excess can irreversibly harm our bodies.

It can be not only costly on our bodies but can be a real financial strain on families and on health care. Many aging parents are sending their grown children into rehabs, which can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and many people relapse and have to return several times. Health insurances are having to pay high costs to hospitals and treatment facilities to treat the patients and this can go on for years. There are not only financial detriments to alcoholism. Many young families are being affected as well. Parents are drinking more and more, and in some cases alcohol can lead changes in mood and behavior which can increase domestic abuse. Some children of alcoholics can later go on to become alcoholics themselves and the cycle may continue. These financial factors and family repercussions will have a profound negative effect on our society, and we need to put forth measures to reduce them.

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