Alcoholism in Youth

Alcoholism in Youth Expectation, are they making things difficult? It seems that what is expected has not been achieved neither been integrated in mind and heart of the youth, being dubbed to as hope of the motherland. Did the famous national hero of ours, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, just had been mistaken with his proposition then? Or, is it because the influential matters in the society that dominates that is why those coined words by him do not materialized? Which is which? We could not escape from the facts that there is a bunch of malignant issues that bound the society.

Yes, indeed, reality bites!

Such social issues are fatal act into quoting that the youth is slowly killing the final stand of the country’s progress. What is the problem then? Or should I say problems? Alcoholism is considered as a widespread problem in the society since it can harm the individual’s health, relationships and status in life. It is definitely a disease which means an uncontrollable and obsessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

It detriments the physical and mental components of a person and causes the brain to change in some point that the person becomes dependent and abusive.

The alcoholism in youth is out of subtlety. It is really obvious now! Youths are unstoppable and always thrilled when talking about alcohol. They seem to be excited in the experience and proud in some point when drinking. Actually, the bond between alcohol and youth is really a complicated matter that everybody should need to understand to solve this this legal matter is way over ignorance, then underage drinking is common.

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Generally, young Filipinos start to drink at the age of 16 or 17. But there are some cases that they drink as young as 12 years old.

Family, friends, and the mass media can be influential factors. With this matter, out of school youth could divert themselves seeing them at the end of the day, drinking alcohol and taking up drugs. Pursued by curiosity, they do what is not supposed to be done. If these deeds will be tolerated, then there will be just a little hole along the tunnel that will light up the dark pathways of life. It is the same as saying as the case gets worse, the result gets dark. With that they do, they vividly mirror what awaits tomorrow. Then what waits it then?

Simple, a day full of miserable undertakings, full of regrets and a day that embraces darkness. In the stage of puberty, there are some huge changes and adjustments that the youths are experiencing and undergoing. These adjustments are crucial that they find the comfort in using drugs and alcohol. We can see that these on-going developmental changes are some factors that should be dealt by them. As they grow and expose to the outside world, peer pressures and thrill seeking activities lead to them to test their limit and their ability to go on what they can see.

They try everything and anything even if it is harmful just to be accepted by the society they choose to be a part of. These causes should be controlled and every youth should seek responsibility on what is morally and legally accepted. Character strength is tested during this kind of stages since every action has its own consequences. As stated earlier, there are so many harmful effects alcoholism can bring. In youths, the most difficult to avoid is the serious drinking problem which may be alcohol dependency or alcohol abuse.

When a person starts to drink in a younger age, there is huge possibility that the person will become alcoholic. In a rebellion phase, of course, dangerous behavior can be amplified by alcohol. Since they are used to this kind of actions and environment, they tend to engage in much hazardous move like use of harmful drugs and risky behaviors. Finally, alcohol has an enormous effect in brain and body development. Underage drinkers may suffer and have difficulties in long term memory or critical thinking in later years. Hormonal imbalance will soon be observed which have a negative impact in reproduction.

Drinking alcohol is a primitive practice of Filipinos as what history shows. Now we are in a modernized world, but this practice has never been avoided successfully. Alcohol is not really at fault but the person who abuse alcohol. Youths are risky in these abusive actions bu we should not criticize them. Nevertheless, we should be the model and the helpers of these youths as they move towards critical transitions. And at the end, the relationship between the youths and alcohol is not really a mystery. Its solution are not vague and if we just open our eyes wide enough, the solutions are just in front of us.

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Alcoholism in Youth
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