Women Empowerment and the Laws Regarding Violence against Women

In the present day, women are occupying more public space in every fields like science, politics, technology, sports etc. But the sad reality about women’s continued suffering in diverse spheres remains unchanged. It is sad that women, who constitute half of the country’s population , have to struggle to get equal status to men. Though the government may boast about achievements on various fields, but the present condition of women had not developed to great extent. At the root of all discriminations against the fairer sex lies the irrational gender inequality that starts when she is born, and continues to shackle her till death.

Even after seven decades of independence, women in the country find themselves in a vulnerable position at their homes, work places and are deprived from the basic amenities like health, education, employment, etc. Besides this the violence against women is increasing at an alarming rate and this has emerged as an extremely serious concern. While the women’s movement, through its emphasis on crimes against women, has succeeded in ensuring some benefits for women, they continue to be feared by the violence in the form of rape, sexual abuse, dowry, female foeticide etc.

There has been a number of laws relating to crimes against women but it would be wrong to implement more laws with more equality and freedom. While laws are needed to ensure justice to victims and also to act as a deterrent, a social transformation alone can address the root of the malaise.

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The grossly skewed sex ratio, low female life expectancy, high- fertility rates and low level of literacy are all matters of grave concern. The failure to bring down fertility rates and infant and maternal mortality rates in spite of spending huge expenditures on family welfare and population control measures is attributable, to a great extent, to the low female literacy rate and the low level of female education. We obviously have no dearth of policies and measures to uplift women, but the reality is that these are never implemented in the right earnest, which, again, can be ascribed to a number of factors from the low level of awareness among women about their rights to the lack of sincerity on the part of the government agencies implementing the policies. A sustained campaign at the grassroots is the need of the hour because, unaware of their rights, women will never acquire the capacity to assert their rights. Since the government agencies have failed precisely in this, NGOs can play an important role in providing education and information to the women at entry level. Then, economic independence is critical to women empowernment, and a concerted campaign should be directed towards the end.

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