A Study of Racial Profiling in the US Police Force

Law enforcement agencies in the U.S have had a history of racial discrimination against individuals from minority races. This was recently seen in the rise in cases of police officers using excessive force against unarmed African America individuals who posed no threat to the police officers. The racial profiling by law enforcement officers is a major source of social concern as it can contribute to the public losing confidence in the officers.

For society to solve the issue of racial prejudice in the police force, it is essential to determine its existence and how rampant it is in the force.

Therefore the most appropriate research question is what is the extent of racial prejudice within the United States police force? The research question has two parts. The first part reviews if there is racial discrimination in the police force and the second part investigates how widespread it is. 

The main reason for this research is that it would provide a definite conclusion on whether or not there is indeed racial profiling in the police force.

The research will also enable the public to know how rampant the practice of racial discrimination is in the police force if it is indeed there. The information derived from the research will aid significantly in the development of effective police operational practices.

This knowledge will help in the development of efficient policing strategies and the restoration of public confidence within the police force thereby serving to enhance their efficiency and service delivery capabilities. The study will also help in enhancing social policy with regards to the practice of discrimination and racial profiling in the country.

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