The Dangers of Driving as an African American and the Issue of Racial Profiling

We live in a day and age where it is dangerous to be a black person driving on your way to work. Racial profiling has been an issue for a very long time now. I believe that because we are entering a new age, things that have been done on the sly are slowly coming to the surface. Racism has existed since forever of course but since so much had changed and; we elected a black president the problem seemed almost nonexistent.

Slowly but surely racism has been more and more blunt. Police have been abusing their authority. Many young black lives have been taken at the hands of white police officers. It’s almost as if they have been given an agenda to murder our people. The rate at which we are being killed by police is ridiculous.

All police encounters don’t end up fatal; however police officers are naturally aggressive when it comes to black people.

I was watching a video on Facebook that was recorded in the back of a white cop’s car and his words were very upsetting. He stated that “the reason the white officers tend to be a bit more aggressive to black people is because we are naturally intimidating and we are unapproachable.” This statement has got to be the most blasphemous statement I’ve ever heard. Black people are at risk of walking down the street minding our business or driving in our cars; all because we seem ”unapproachable” and “intimidating” as if we aren’t being looked at as people.

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These are impressions | get when I’m walking passed a stray dog, intimated and scared to approach it.

Nothing has changed besides the time we are living in. Black people are still invisible because we can’t even be looked at as people but as some kind of threat when we are just as human as anyone else. I’m aware that it is not all white people that feel this way, but in the eyes of the government and those who are running things behind the scenes we are good as slaves still in their eyes. I pray that the people can realize what is happening and take a stand. I know that it will take more than just black people to cause a revolution, just as I am aware that it is just more than black people that are fed up. Its going to take the nation to realize right is right and wrong is wrong. No one life is more important but targeting black lives in American has got to stop or else we are headed to a very dark time.

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