Key Reasons for Racial Profiling

Every individual in the world is different in some way. Young children are taught to not judge a book by it’s cover. There are three main key reasons to racial profiling, race, religion, and trust. ( Ullman ) Based on stereotypes, people of color are more likely to commit crimes, or carry drugs or weapons. People are looked at differently based on the color of their skin. The effects of racial profiling are losing trust in police officers, and results in community members being angry and upset.

Some solutions are police should treat everyone equally; They should also have programs to get to know the community to reduce racial profiling. Typically caused by racism, fear of religion, and lack of trust, racial profiling is a serious issue in the world at this time, which is now causing people to die, but can be resolved by having police treat everyone equally.

Racial profiling is a huge concern and has been around in the U.

S. for hundreds of years. We don’t really know when racial profiling has started but it hasn’t ended. Racial profiling hasn’t changed over time, and it most likely won’t because there are a lot of racist and disrespectful people in this world. People that are different races are looked at differently, because of what people hear or see about it. They hear about people doing drugs, killing people and it’s not fair for everyone else. “70 percent of people are racial profiled, by being pulled over and their car searched for no reason.

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” (Scott.D) most blacks and like muslim are more likely to be racial profiling. Police pull them over because they think they have drugs, weapons, or are causing a crime. So, yes some black people are doing drugs and other things, but not everyone does so it’s not fair for other races.

People see new stories everyday about racial profiling which is caused by; race, religion, and lack of trust. (Ullman)Race is really huge in this society, because everyone sees these people of a different race and assumes they are doing something illegal; because of what they see on tv. Trust is another cause, because most people can’t trust these people because of what they see on tv or on the news. The last main cause is religion, most people looked at these people of a different race and think they are different because of their religion and beliefs. So yes, there are many causes but these three causes are really great one.

There are many effects, that most people see on tv and newspaper about racial profiling, but these some specific ones. People will start to lose trust in the law enforcement.(Gross) They will lose trust because they will think police officers will always just pull people over because they are a different race. A lot of people in the community will get angry or upset because of this. The public will not take laws seriously, there for more crimes will be committed. These people of a different color will start to get mad at the law enforcement for treating others differently because of what the color of their skin looks like. This is still going on in the society and needs to stop!

There are not many was to solve racial profiling, because many people are just racist and these solutions may help the community and the police, to work on racial profiling. The police and everyone else in this world should be taught to treat everyone equally. The public needs to be aware of of what’s going on with racial profiling. They should have programs in some towns to get to know the neighbors.(Trende) This may help reduce racial profiling. Relationships between police and community needs be stronger in order to help with racial profiling. ( Chaudhry) There should be a punishment for police like suspension or pay cut. The society today needs to really work on treating everyone equally so these programs should really be a thing.

Racial profiling is a serious issue in the world, it’s caused by racism, lack of trust, and religion. People are treated many different ways and it’s terrible. These causes from everyone in this being racist, not trusting one another and making fun of their religion. The effects cause people to get upset in their community; Also losing trust in police officers. Police should treat everyone equal and have programs to help get to know the community along with everyone else in the world. So never judge people based on the color of their skin or how other people act.

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