A Review of Manifesto of Futurism, a Book by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Futurism was an international movement that is written by the Italian poet Marinetti, in Italy 1909. Marinetti expressed an artistic philosophy in contrast to the sentimentalism of Romanticism. Futurism mostly supported the modernization and cultural reconstruction of Italy before the happening of World War I, and other major events of the 20th century. The Futurists actually loved the industrial times, from its speed in development, to the machinery and new cities, embracing the new world, so to say.

The futurist manifestos showed us an alternative philosophy.

Many manifestos have been compiled at the start of the modern age. The Futurist Manifestos really have taken the art in all its form, and made it to serve as the base to transform it all in the visual art and architecture in order to present the new world, while Romanticism artists used art to create an inspiration from their visions, and dreams and not just in art but in novelty writing also.

The fascination with the technological advancement, modernization of environmental areas and the speed of the industrial world formed the basis for the futurist movement.

The Communist Manifesto served as the insight into what Marinetti will later create, and it belonged to a group of political activist writings, and also the Futurist one. But with a lot more radical and more offensive address that involved the ideological, aesthetic and social disorder.

The Futurist Manifesto really stands out form The Communist Manifesto in its actual artistic movements of the new ages, but also to show a new way of Italian cultural renewal.

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The one that wanted to destroy the old and boring past, and instead to urge to create the modern Italy. This new social movement which had principles to create progress, and to reject the past really spread the influence of everything on different social classes. Why the futurism was introduced is to show the ideas of new branch of philosophy that really deals with the questioning of beauty and artistic taste.

Marinetti and his futurist colleagues wanted to create the new modern cultural identity from Italy, and wanted to get rid of everything old. The Futurist Manifesto came to be a response between the relationship between past and present. It all urged for the destruction of the past where on the execution of the past a different kind of novelty and cultural models could be built.

Being above the political system, The Futurist Manifesto changed the actual status of art from a restricted space of visual expression to a political agent of social and political changes. The production of this kind of art arranged by Futurists was transferred to all other artistic developments of avant-garde. Futurist Manifesto created a bridge between art and politics where art has a role in discussing the traditional ways, historical context and social values define art role to this day. The way of pursuing the Futurist philosophy, it did not really all go too well. In the end the philosophy was not accepted and it did not have that much of success among the social circles.

Marinetti later combined it with political movement called Fascism, in order to take it more closer to other people and to help it move more quickly, but it did not had much of the influence. The founding manifesto did not contain any of the positive artistic programme, where the Futurists wanted to create their own way of artistic expressionism as explained in their Technical Manifesto of Futurist Painting. Objects in reality were not really separate from one another and have no differences from their surroundings.

The Futurists were really fascinated with the representation of social modern experience, and what they wanted in the sense of art is to evoke more than one feeling and that everyone can have different emotions towards one art work, and not just those visible to the eye. The Futurists were mostly fascinated by new age of visual technology, the chromo-photography which is the movement of object that is set on a sequence of frames, inspiring and abstract art with its different meanings and emotions.

The most important Italian avant-garde art movement of the modern age is the Futurist movement, which celebrated advanced technology and the urban changing of Italian cultural scripture. Its members wanted to destroy past form of culture and history and to demonstrate the beauty of modern life which really was the industrialization, the speed of modernity, and its change in its core. The Futurist movement was created in order to evoke the interest of society in popular media culture and the representation of new ideas through technology, and it all led to the celebration of the First World War, where Fascism comes in. its members went on to join Fascist movement and made Futurism join with the far right politics, which destroyed the actual movement of Futurism.

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