Karl Marx, Author of The Communist Manifesto

“Capital is dead labour, that, vampire-like, only lives by sucking living labour, and lives the more, the more labour it sucks” Karl Marx. Dracula has suggested many themes of social governings. Karl Marx, the writer of the Communist Manifesto, and made Marxism, made the statement that capital is dead labor, or like a vampire, it lives like a virus by sucking labor and work and lives by that. This is kind of true, although the better way of putting it is that the more you work, the more you will live and you will live better if you work harder.

Karl Marx was against anything other than his ideals. He disliked capitalism and thought that is was focused way too much on working. He thought that people have less time to do what they actually want. The Dracula’s metaphors ran this philosopher. I live in the US so I believe in Capitalism. Working harder will give you more profit. In other ways, Vampires suck off blood, and the more they suck, the more they live.

In the book Dracula was mainly trying to survive and live a life with people around him.

This horror themed book actually ended up showing themes of gender equality, feminism, violence, and social systems. Dracula was an inspiring book in the weirdest ways. Dracula, by Bram Stoker, has many feminist perspectives and strong female roles, like Mina and Lucy. Mina and Lucy are female characters that play big roles in Dracula. Most main characters are played by men usually.

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In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor and the Monster (protagonist and antagonist) are both males. In Dracula, there are many male roles, but there are female roles that stand out. Lucy is a vampire that does become a main dramatic villain in the book. Mina is a character that posses less feminine traits and has a voice, she also gets cursed, but is freed from it in time also. Having strong female roles was a big thing for a book of this time. It depicted that females have a voice and that they can work as main characters also. The three vampires did show this dynamic well by changing the way that a female was depicted to be around the time. Females were usually the ones taking care of the household, raising the kids, cooking food, etc.

In dracula, the females are actually hunting down the kids and biting them. This represents a big change in roles. I think that the use of female characters was a good thing and it helped people see that females and males should be both held to the same regard. Of course this never changed anything permanently (for the time), but it helped to start a new idea that people were unsure and uneasy about. Today, men and women (in the US) are treated almost equally. They are both in high regard and both perform each other’s roles. Women are now working and playing sports and professional jobs, and men can even nurse or do household jobs, and it would be socially accepted. I think that Dracula was helpful to start gender equality. Todd, Macy. “What Bram Stoker’s Dracula Reveals about Violence.” English Literature in

There was a lot of violence in Dracula. It even had violence between relationships. It even showed Lucy being brutally murdered by her brother and fiance: Arthur and Jonathan. They stabbed her in the heart and had to kill her specifically so that her soul could be at rest. I think this show of violence was a necessary implementation of the book and was needed to show how much of a problem these vampires were. They were never only supposed to be killed, but saved also. They were real human beings that people cared about. The violence is high but this book is suited for adults anyways. I think that the violence was alright. There are many other books with even more violence. This story had only a few parts with heavy writing like this. The ending of course had to most violence, as any book would in a conclusion. Dracula uses violence correctly to show how it was for the vampires and hunters also.

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