Karl Marx and the Business Plan in the Longer Run for the Life in Europe

Karl Marx was born on May 5, 1818, in Germany, He was the son of a respected lawyer who knew Voltaire. While attending university he became a part of the Young Hegelian movement, the Young Hegelians opposed and challenged the beliefs (political, religious, etc.) of their community and government. In 1842 he became an editor of a liberal newspaper where the sharing of his beliefs led to the government banning the newspaper. The next year he moved to France with his wife. While in Paris he met Fredrick Engels whom he later published The Holy Father and The Communist Manifesto, The Communist Manifesto explained the two men’s thoughts on “class struggles”.

The communist belief is that all men should live equally, that no man should have more than the next Another belief is that there should be no ownership among men that all work should be shared.

In 1867 Marx published the first volume of a collection named Das Kapitul. The book argued the beliefs of Capitalism Capitalism is based on personal gain and ownership, while communism is the exact opposite.

Marx believed that Capitalism was just exploitation and did not agree with it. There were three copies of Das Kapital published, and a fourth that was just a manuscript at the time of Marx’s death, Karl Marx died on March 14, 1883, from Pleurisy, a disease of the lungs. In his lifetime he was married and had seven children with her. Now more than a century and 30 years Marx’s philosophies are still believed by many.

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His philosophies are classified, with his namesake, as Marxism. There are variations of Marxism that are his philosophies combined with others from his time. For example Marxism—Leninism is a mixture of his and Vladimir Lenin’s ideas developed by Stalin.

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