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Definition of Terms A. Art According to various authors 1. J. V Estolas – Art is derived from the Latin word “ars”  which means ability or skill 2. A. Tan – Art is taken from the Italian word “artis”, which means craftsmanship, skill, mastery of form and ideas, between materials and techniques. 3. F. Zulueta – Art is a product of man’s needs to express himself. 4. C. Sanchez – Art is concerned itself with the communication of certain ideas and feelings…...
Futurism Essay
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An Itch You Can’t Scratch Futurism is a movement in the 20th century that valued technology’s beauty. In their works of art the Futurists tried to capture the experience of a modern world transformed by steam engines, electricity, automobiles, and airplanes. Futurist art was an appreciation of life and sought to obliterate the contemplative concept of art. Instead of standing separate from the experience of the modern world, Futurist artists threw themselves into the battle against a tame past and…...
Abstract Speed The Car Has Passed
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Giacomo Balla’s painting Abstract Speed – The Car Has Passed was originally the right hand side of a triptych work done in 1913.The center was a piece called Line of Force + Noise, and the left hand side was Line of force + Landscape.He uses an analogous color scheme of green and blue to represent the earth and the sky.The pink is supposed to represent exhaust fumes from the passing vehicle. Supposedly, the car is passing at a speed of…...
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