Contemporary Dance Concert Comparison

I attended two different dance concerts. I enjoyed both of them very much. My favorite that attended would be the Wittenberg Students’ concert. Both concerts were beautifully presented. You could see the passion in the dancers’ eyes and the pride that the choreographers had for the pieces they put together. The first dance concert that I attend was the Contemporary Dance Concert at Dayton University. The program was called “Emergence”, it was a showcase of work by emerging choreographers from the Ohio region.

They presented five very different pieces. There were a few that I did not understand and did not fall in love with. The ones that I understood and fell in love with are the ones that hit me hard. The dancers left me breathless and wanting more, they told a story to the audience leaving us entranced, The style of dance has a really diverse feel to it.

The Wittenberg Fall Dance concert was beautiful, You could tell that the dancers had put a lot of time, work, and effort in to it.

There was so much passion and grace in all of the dancers. I loved seeing so many styles of dance go one after another. It was really interesting to see the clash of styles. My favorite dances were of the few that portrayed strong and fierce women that had attitude. The piece choreographed by Megan with all of the partnerships was absolutely stunning. I would love to see another Wittenberg Dance concert. All of the students were very talented.

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In conclusion, I am just blown away by the sheer amount of talent all of these dancers had. The pieces were all well thought out and executed, The choreographers have every right to take pride in their work. The two concerts both had a personal and understandable feeling about them I left both concerts as if I had seen all of the dancers’ souls left on the stage.

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