As the era progresses decades later, Classical music Aries in many forms, tempos, textures, melodies, timbres, harmonies, and us e of instruments. A more modern, progressed piece compared to Henry Parcel’s is Peter Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake ACT 1 Waltz. Many things were going on in most progressed classical pieces, such as this o Usually, pieces like this are in the form of polyphony, because there’s so many melodies going on at once, with multiple instruments playing together. In this piece, the insert aments being played are: flute, oboe, cello, violin, clarinet, piccolo, many horns, and triangle.

The piece’s hem of the piece is giving a “magical” feeling while listening to it. I’d usually hear pieces like these in most Disney princess movies. The setting of the piece was set either for the era that had ballroom dances (l could just picture people in formal wear, dressing fancy, h Loading hands and circling around a ballroom while the song is playing.

) At the very beginning of the piece, the song starts with the main chorus, in polyphony, with three distinct melodies t hat are combined with multiple instruments:the string, horns, and flute.

In most classical pieces like this one, the tiring usually lead in the piece, with accompaniment of strings in minor, and pipe instruments as bass chord and second harmony. Throughout the piece, and especially in t he main chorus, there are many variations, such as how some parts fades in and out, soft and loud, from little to many instruments added to the melody.

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The purpose of changing the volume and timbre of the melody, is for the composer to emphasize some parts of the piece, as it show s unpredictability and uniqueness of the piece.

Usually, the pattern of classical music is a Ternary y form, but with his piece and many others including Beethoven and Mozart, it is in a Rondo f Oromo, to keep the element of surprise and unpredictability of the piece. The Radio station that I listened to was CDC. During commercial breaks (there only enjoy commercials within two hours), the commercials playing were about getting tickets for concerts at the SF Symphony. It is Obvious that the commercials in that radio station target the CDC radio listeners who live in San Francisco, because the genre of the radio is lackadaisical.

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The commercials will engage their target audience with classical background music, while a soft / ice sounding announcer excitingly talk about the upcoming events at the SF Symphony. The estimated age range for those listeners would be in their mid jus 50 + yr 01 d, because people who appreciate classical music are more conservative in music, and grew up with this kind of music, compared to the mainstream modern music that started around thee ass’s. In one hour, I took a listen to one of my favorite radio stations, STAR 101. 3.

T he Genres usually played are: Pop, Country, Soft rock, and Alternative. The commercials being played in that radio are shopping store sales, car insurance, movie trailers from Disney, Cam’s weather channel, body wash, and buffalo wild wings. The commercial target towards a wider adult audience than CDC radio. Most of these commercials are targeted all genderВ± , general adult audience. For shopping, Disney movie trailers, car insurance, and weather chaw kneel, those are mainly targeting women and family’s adults for both genders.

There is a Buffalo wild wings commercial that would target adult men, who like watching sports and eke to eat while watching their games. Its also playing because it promotes their food while w etching the FIFE world cup (which is starting right now). It makes sense that these commercial! Play in this radio, because this radio is basically for the general adult audience, ranging between n mid ass’s offs +, with so many genres ranging all the way back from 20 years ago, and the maim mainstream modern music.

I notice how ALL pop songs must have electronic beats, and sometimes, even alternative and country music too, to make the song more danceable and fun to hear. M odder music usually includes a singer with instruments and/ or electronic beats playing. Unlike Classical music, the song is concentrated on the lyrics of the song, and secondary for the instrument natal. There are less musical instruments used in Modern Music, compared to Classical, to make pi aces more simple, and easier to listen to the main melody….

Therefore, they are in the texture 01 homophony. Because I’m focused mainly on the lyrics, sometimes it’s hard notice many ins treatment changes. Modern music usually has a Ternary form (ABA), with repeating chord us (B) and verses (A), so people could get familiar with the song more quickly. Sometimes, to BRB edge between a verse and chorus, there is often a short instrumental and/ or vocal solo (C). For Modern music hat have lyrics, the singer uses emotion and vocal technique to portray the lay RISC, and telling the storyline of the song.

Unlike classical, where the composer only depends on t he instrumental to express and give picture of the storyline. Perhaps the reason behind using less s instruments in Modern Music, especially in lyrical songs, is to give more focus onto the singe’ and the lyrics. Most modern lyrical music have relatable storyline to love, happiness, sadness as, and encouraging the partying scene. (Such as breaking up, being in love, loneliness, having fun at parties, dancing, etc. The form of modern lyrical music is often melodramatic, saying MO re than one word in one beat.

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