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Nathan Feuerstein is a Hip-hop and Christian pop artist. Two of his songs that he performed during the concert are “Green Lights” and “Destiny”. “ Green Lights” is off his album “ NF:PERCEPTION”, and the song meaning is that he is basically on fire because of what he has been doing and it’s so good he’s to the point where he is unstoppable. The song features him on vocals, along with a drummer and a guitarist. The song also features a fast-type beat that’s fast paced.

It also has very unique timbre and tempo.

The other song that he performed at the concert was “Destiny”, which is about how he wants to fulfill his destiny, and how he’ rising to the top and how he sometimes focuses on the negative things. This song also has a very unique timbre and a fast tempo. “I’ve been working late nights like I’m letterman”, that verse means that NF is often staying up very late nights to perfect the music that he always produces to his fans.

“Where is Edison for my adrenaline” is another verse during the song “Destiny”, he feels a light bulb go off in his head and credits Edison for inventing it, and he also feels his adrenaline starting to kick in. The overall atmosphere of the concert and the venue was like any other concert and venue, there was lights and fog once the concert started and NF appeared on stage, a white curtain also dropped when he appeared on stage.

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The venue was The Chelsea Theater in The Cosmopolitan, the atmosphere was very plain, the venue overall was pretty big at 40,000 square feet which was great because it was a sold-out concert, the crowd was mostly high school kids, and it was really loud throughout the concert, especially during the beginning.

A band that opened up for Nf before his concert was called “ Nightly”. They are a pop band from Nashville, Tennessee. The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan holds about 2,500 people total. NF was born in Gladwin, Michigan, a town that only has a population of about three thousand people total. He has a very great sense of writing skills, people often think that he is basically Eminem’s brother or cousin, they also like him because his lyrics are basically “real music” and it tells some of us the daily struggles in life that we all or some of us may have to face.

I would also like to say some people don’t like him because of his music style. I would say overall, if you ever get to go to one of NF’S concerts, I would say the best spot to sit near is the middle row or close to the front row, he also likes to interact with the crowd at his shows, venue was pretty clean and normal, exceptionally loud tho. Show time was about 2 and a half hours and ended at around 11pm.

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