A Characterization of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, a Novel by Emily Bronte

Heathcliff is introduced in the family structure story as an outsider. He is initially considered to be both a gift and a threat. The conflicting identities of Heathcliff, therefore, form part of the uncertainty of his character in the story. He is typically identified by contradicting definitions even as the story proceeds. To Catherine, he is a brother as well as a lover while to Isabella; he is a romantic hero and an oppressor who seems to lack the virtue of pity.

Heathcliff shows his heroic behavior in the structure of the novel as he depicts all the traits of a conventional hero although his nature is utterly evil.

Heathcliff faced several obstacles right from the time he was born. The character was automatically damned out of the society. Being orphaned at an early age, Heathcliff lived in the streets of Liverpool, and he was disliked and incessantly tormented by Hindley. Catherine seemed to love Heathcliff, but she threw him over for Edgar because he was rich and had status in the society (Bronte, jack and Stoneman).

Heathcliff managed to overcome his obstacles through cunning and bravery. He survived on the streets and put up with Hindley no matter what he did. The romantic and rebellious Heathcliff was adopted, and his is offered a thoroughbred horse but he instead chooses a beautiful white horse that he quickly tames. Heathcliff then offers the horse to Catherine having understood that Catherine has her own wild nature. Heathcliff and Catherine ride off together, reveling in their freedom as heroes.

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Heathcliff is also a romantic hero in his passion for “his idol” since he does not show appreciation of female beauty except Catherine.

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