The Impact of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights in My Life

The English literature classes I had enabled me to discover a wide range of novels which have helped me developed my perception of life. But the two novels which I enjoyed studying the most is Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte. In this essay I will discuss some factors which made me enjoy the novel. First of all, it has an amazing story which is based on the essence of true love in a world where material things are important. Although the female protagonist Catherine Earnshaw is deeply in love with the male protagonist Heathcliff, she chooses to marry Edgar over Heathcliff as the former was financially stable.

Nevertheless, her love for Heathcliff never diminished She once told to Nelly Dean, her housekeeper, that “I am Heathcliff“ to show the extent to which Heathcliff has become a part of her.

Also, the novel also deal with family ties and the problems which may arise within the family. Heathcliff was adopted by Mr Earnshaw and the biological son of Mr Earnshaw could not really accept Heathcliff as a part of the Earnshaw family.

He ill»treated him. The author presented issues close to real life and family disruption has become even worse nowadays. People are becoming less tolerant and tend to thinks for themselves only. Moreover, the novel presents how love can transform a person, After the death of Catherine, Heathcliff was shattered.

Leading a solitary life without Catherine by his side turned him into a stone-heartened person. He is less bothered by things around him and even gives a cold welcome to Lockwood who in turn wanted to know more about him.

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Heathcliff’s deep personality has amazed many readers indeed. Therefore, Wuthering Heights enabled me to realise that true love is hard to find and once found, it is even harder to stay together. Also, the novel enabled me to realise that life is never predictable so we have to prepare ourselves for the worse and be ready to face any situation. This novel has really marked by teenage life.

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