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The following sample essay on ” Leader’s work strategy”. The fundamental and the vital thing which must be engaged by the department manager is to keep up the solid equalization of the useful diverse sentiments and furthermore should attempt to maintain a strategic distance from the negative clashes which results in troublesome and damaging.

1. This type of scenario occurs in an organization where there is different type of departments. The design engineers will assess all the conceivable methods for accomplishing ideal capacity.

They know more strategies for accomplishing that work due to their experience. They will provide quality high performance motorcycles. Marketing strategist will set specific marketing goals, design and implement marketing strategies aligned with business targets, forecast market trends, give innovative ideas to promote the business`s brand and products and get customers feedback to improve more. An accountant is a professional who can check and break down the money related undertakings of a business. They can watch that an organization is working inside the law and any important.

An accountant knows the business`s performance and most likely knows its monetary side stunningly better. They can assist the owner with growing the business. An accountant can likewise assist with identifying and fix issues before they become more serious.

In this situation, the accountant are concerned about the cost of the production of the high performance motorcycles. Different departments are giving different opinion because of their different perception. The marketing strategist and design engineers arguing whether to focus on performance or aesthetics of the motorcycles whereby the accountants says both are costly.

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As the leader of the interdepartmental design review team, I am responsible in managing this problem in a smooth way. Firstly, I will arrange a meeting where I will invite the manager of each department to attend the meeting. Acknowledging and understanding the diverse perspectives of the various departments will settle this issue. The fundamental and the vital thing which must be engaged by the department manager is to keep up the solid equalization of the useful diverse sentiments and furthermore should attempt to maintain a strategic distance from the negative clashes which results in troublesome and damaging.

I will ask each department manager to list out the reason for their standings. I will ask the advantages and disadvantages of the opinion of each department without criticism. Then all of us will try to figure out what will be the best option. I will give chance to each and every one of them to share their ideas and thoughts regarding this issue. It is because each employee has the rights to speak up and give ideas in an organization.

Other than that, I will assign few employees from each department to prepare for a short and brief presentation. The presentation should consist of picture illustration, graph or animation that support their opinion. For an example, the design engineers should come up with some supporting details to support that why performance or aesthetics is their priority. According to the current generation, majority of people are too focused on new features. I will expect more explanations about how the people prefer a motorbike to be. They can conduct a survey or questionnaire to the public to know what kind of motorbike they prefer.

2. There is many advantages and disadvantages of using productivity applications in a working environment. The advantages are, the employees can work anywhere at any time, effective and efficiency in production and high possibilities for new opportunities. For example, with a productivity application, employee would now be able to round out structures all the more rapidly. Sales representatives can present their costs while still out and about. Efficiency applications make it simpler, however they make the procedures organizations have quicker than any time in recent memory.

Based on this situation, some employees using the applications during meeting and presentation where it might distract their attention and it is not an ethic in a working environment.

Firstly, I will explain to them about ethics in the working environment. Ask them to consciously to be chivalrous of the experts who work to put the meetings and presentation together for their advantage. They should understand that meeting is very important because they get significant amount of information from a meeting and presentation. It will also improve the employee relationship with the other employee and also with the manager or speaker. Meeting also gives opportunity to the employees to share more ideas.

If I find out again that the employees are still giving the same response, I will somehow make the application accessible and controllable by me. I will control the usage of the application. This can be done if I specifically design a new application for my employees. For an example, I will switch off the usage of the applications when the employees are called for the meeting and presentation. So, they couldn’t use the application when they are attending meetings. I will switch on the usage once the meeting, presentation or any other important event ends. Furthermore, I will set up a schedule where the employees can use the application. They can use it anytime except when there is meetings, presentation or any other events. So, I will notice who are currently using the application automatically when the employees log into the application.

Moreover, I will ask the employees to keep their mobile phones inside a drawer provided before attending the meeting or presentation room. This will be an effective way because the employee won’t get distracted by any notifications that pops in their mobile phones. This will also improve the communication of employee because everyone will participate in that meeting or presentation. In case any emergency calls, the admin assistant will pass the mobile phone to the employee.

3. During my semester break, I worked with my dad at his insurance office. I worked as a front desk receptionist at his company. I was assigned with duties such as answering phones calls, route calls to people, greet visitors and send email and faxes. As it was new to me I was nervous and I had difficulties when handling the phone calls since I need to communicate with variety personalities. Once a customer called for an enquiry about his policy renewal. The customer’s slang was different and difficult for me to understand where he mixed up two languages at same time (Bahasa Melayu and English). Other than that, the customers call was not clear and very noisy as he was surrounded in a crowd. I was unable to reply the customer well because of some barriers in this communication.

After analysing of breaking down my experience there are a few I discovered which could be obstruction for healthy communication of which are required before thinking of approaches to wipe out or limit them. Firstly, psychological barriers. There are various mental and psychological issues that may be barriers to effective communication. A few people have stage fear, speech fear, fear, and discouragement. In view of my experience, I was anxious when I was taking care of telephone calls from customers.

Secondly, physical barriers. They are the most obvious barriers to effective communication. These barriers are mostly easily removable in principle at least. They include the barriers like noise, door closing sound, faulty equipment used for communication, closed cabins, and more. In view of my experience, the customer was on call when he was in a crowd and the call was so noisy.

Other than that, environmental barriers. This is the same as physical noise, which could be in the form of distracting sounds, an overcrowded room, poor facilities and acoustics, all of which may hinder the ability to listen to and understand the message.

Linguistic and cultural barriers. At the point when the sender of the message utilizes a language that the collector does not comprehend, the correspondence won’t succeed. Either the sender might utilize an alternate or different language, or the language utilized might be excessively very specialized for the recipient to get it. The client’s slang was different and I couldn’t see a portion of his words since he was stirring up two languages.

Technological barriers. Other barriers include the technological barriers. The innovation is growing quick and subsequently, it ends up hard to stay aware of the most up to date improvements. In my case, the call was unclear due to some technical error or specialized mistake. Thats was one of the reason why I couldn`t hear the customer properly.

The way to overcome the barriers is to stay calm. The hardest piece of working through a communication barrier is keeping your frustrations in check. Remember, you`re not going to get your point across any clearer by seeming annoyed. Recall that, you’re not going to express what is on your mind any more clearly by appearing to be irritated. Remain quiet, and above all be tolerant. Give the discussion that time it needs.

I will try to reduce and eliminate noise levels. Noise is the primary correspondence boundary which must be defeated on need premise. It is essential to identify the source of noise and then eliminate that source. I will tell to that speaker that I could not hear him/her well, so they will be aware about the situation.

I will keep a good emotional state. During communication one should make effective use of body language. I should not show my emotions while communication as the receiver might misinterpret the message being delivered. For example, if the conveyer of the information or message is in a terrible state of mind, at that point the recipient may feel that the data being conveyed isn’t great.

I will ask questions to the speaker. Asking questions to the customer will clarify understanding, as well as to demonstrate interest in what is being said. Such as, asking them to repeat the sentence when we couldn`t understand them.

Finally, once the customer call, I will greet them and ask their name and mobile number to overcome the technology barrier. I will note it in the companys calls book. In case when there is a line break down, I will call the customer right after that. By doing this, the organization will have less chances for losing the potential customer.

4. Firstly, companies and business professionals can advertise their product or services through media. This will lower down the organizations advertising cost. It is because the social media advertising is much cheaper than the printed advertisement. In this generation, small kids to the old citizens are using social media platforms for various reasons. Online advertisement will grab more attention from the users and the business might gain more customer. For an example, brands such as Nike and Adidas often post their new arrival in their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profiles and even in their own official page where the user can access through google.

Next, the businesses or professionals can develop the customers trust by using social media. There are many social media influencers who got more than 2000 followers and doing gifts and paid review for some products. This is also a way of using social media effectively where the person will use the product and will give review about it by posting it in their profiles. So when a business collaborate with the social media influencer, the product will get more attention from other new customers. This is because the social media influencers have fan base where they are willing to follow their footsteps. For an example, famous make up brand Fenty Beauty send their new lip kit products to few social media influencers to give honest review about it. This social media influencers will post pictures and videos where they will be using those products. This will gain more attention and new customers to Fenty Beauty. Social media influencers mostly will collaborate to products such as make up sets, branded clothes, branded shoes, hair care products, accessories and even foods.

Besides that, they can organize giveaways and contest on social media. This will increase the amount of attention for the particular product or service. The social media user will be aware of the contest and will try to engage with it. For an example, Air Asia Company posted giveaway post in their Instagram profile. They provided tickets to Japan for 3 days and the winner will be chosen randomly in the comment section of the post. So automatically many users will follow Air Asias account and will try their best to win the tickets.

Moreover, they can create a platform where the user can customize their own design with their preferences. This will give them freedom to choose or design it where it provide high level of satisfaction among them. For an example, Mini Bakery let their customer customize their own design for cakes or cupcakes. They customer often ask for football, make up set, branded shoe themed cupcakes. The customer also prefer this kind of services rather than the traditional one where they don`t really have many options to choose.

The business can conduct online survey and questionnaire to the public. The public can save their time by doing the survey online rather than doing it in a paper. The company can improve their product or services by knowing the interest of the public.

Finally, the business can give immediate voucher to the public. They can share the link to different social media where the public can view and access. For an example, the online shopping Zalora giving 5% off for those who download the app and purchase their first product from them. There are also Sephora app available in the app store and google play store where the customer who download the app will immediately get 90 points as a reward. This will make the customer more attracted to that particular online shop because they are providing something different from the other online shop platforms.

5. The important thing that I wanted to list out regarding this issue are, my boss herself request for feedback however get furious and blast the employees who offer feedbacks. Since the boss blasting for feedbacks, the employees are presently hesitant to give criticism or feedback.

The things that I will also talk to her is if a circumstance happens and the boss request for feedback, that feedback will help advance the circumstance and improve it. It because the employees also know about the business and they might be right in some cases. The boss should know that every employee has the rights to give opinion or feedback regarding the business. It is up to the boss to accept the feedback or not. If this kind of situation continues, then the employees will start hating the boss. The employees will keep agreeing to everything without full involvement. This will also impact the productivity of the business. It is because the employees will not be happy with the boss who are not respecting or even listening feedback of the employees.

The boss could also be viewed as cruel or mean since she blasts at the employees who are giving feedbacks. The boss should accept feedbacks from employees to improve the business. By accepting feedbacks or opinion, the boss will know where the business stands and will know the perception of employees about certain things. Boss will never make right decisions all the time. So, listening to criticisms will give her opportunity to excel well in the business. For an example, ABC Companys boss made the decision to increase the price of product in order to compete with the competitors without asking feedback from the employees. The boss then ended up in a big loss because she didn`t ask for the feedback from the marketing department about the current market value for that product. I will explain that this kind of situation might happen if the boss continue to blasts to the employees.

I will try to talk to the employees about changing the approach to the boss. This can be done by starting with compliments then to criticisms. Maybe the boss will feel better to get compliments first then try to explain the negative impacts in a slow tone and good manner.

Other than that, I will try to talk to the higher department supervisors regarding this. I will make sure the thing wont sounds like a complain because the boss will get mad if she knows that the employee are complaining about her to higher department. I will try to talk and explain the whole situation to the higher department supervisors. I will tell that if this continues the company might face high turnover rate.

Finally, I will make the boss understand about the employees feelings through some surveys. I will create a survey link and will send it to the employees to ask what they feel about this matter. For an example, I will ask them are they scared of sharing their opinions to the boss and will give them yes or no options. This survey will never show the name of the employees, so the employees don`t need to be afraid of getting blasts again. This survey will finally generate the majority answers. I will send this to the boss and will explain here in details.

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