AR 350-1 Army Training and Leader Development

What is institutional training domain??
institutional training domain includes Army centers/schools that provide
initial training and subsequent functional and professional military education for Soldiers, military leaders, and Army Civilians.
What is operational training domain??
operational domain encompasses training activities that unit leaders
schedule, and individuals, units and organizations undertake. These activities include: progressive training conducted at home
station, regional collective training capability, regional training centers, and mobilization centers
What is Self-development training domain??
1.Structured self-development. Learning that continues throughout a career and that is closely linked to and synchronized with classroom and on-the-job learning.

2.Guided self-development. Recommended but optional learning that will help keep personnel prepared for
changing technical, functional, and leadership responsibilities throughout their career.
3.Personal self-development. Self-initiated learning where the individual defines the objective, pace and process,such as: pursuing college education, advanced degree programs, and so forth.

What does (ADCON) stand for??
administrative control
What is Leader development??
Leader development is the deliberate, continuous, sequential, and rogressive process, grounded in Army values,that grows Soldiers and Army Civilians into competent and confident leaders capable of decisive action
What are the objectives of training standardization??
1.Standardize procedures used by Soldiers and units to operate, maintain, and fight with major weapons and equipment systems.
2.Identify tasks that should be performed in the same manner and to the same standard throughout the Army
3.Reduce the effects of personnel turbulence.
4.Ensure that modular organizations can operate effectively within any assigned formation
DA Form 3349
Physical Profile
DA Form 4187
Personnel Action
DA Form 5500/5501
Body Fat Content Worksheet (Male/Female)
DA Form 705
Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard
DA Form 1059
Service School Academic Evaluation Report

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