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It is my honor to recommend Megan Lin for acceptance as a Senate Page for the Spring 2019 session. As Megan’s supervisor for her internship with the Tom Palzewicz for Congress campaign, I work with her often to assign duties and discuss political strategy. I am impressed with Megan’s writing skills, resourcefulness, and ability to adhere to deadlines. Megan has quickly become a valued member of the campaign, and I am confident that she has the character and aptitudes to be a successful Senate Page in Washington.

As an intern with the congressional campaign, Megan has managed several responsibilities. When she first joined in June 2018, Megan started off with remedial but important tasks, such as organizing the office and keeping inventory. Her attention to detail and discipline is what distinguishes her from her peers.

Megan brings to all of her assignments a positive attitude and conviction. This is to be anticipated of any successful associate of a political campaign, and in this regard, Megan fits in well.

With her ability to learn quickly and think critically, Megan has become more involved with higher level communications projects. She works with other members of our staff on numerous assignments, including reading and reporting on current events, designing scripts for fundraising efforts, and completing questionnaires for essential political endorsements. Megan is especially skilled at pursuing new forms of political advertising, particularly connecting the campaign with print and radio advertising opportunities in Wisconsin’s 5th District.

Megan has recently earned the title of Communications Director because of her exponential improvement over the course of the campaign.

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Megan has an intrinsic spirit of goodwill that, coupled with her quick comprehension of subject material and ability to handle high volume demands, speaks well to her potential as a Senate Page As an honors student at Arrowhead High School, Megan has brought a rich understanding of political science and civic engagement to the campaign. I have been impressed with her ability to analyze extensive policy documents. After just one week in our office, furthermore, Megan was already working independently on policy research projects. Through her executive positions within the Waukesha County Democratic Party and the Waukesha County High School Democrats, Megan has connected the campaign with key political leaders in the community. She has proven to be self-motivated, committed, and has shown that she works well independently and as a member of a team.

Beyond her political communications skills, Megan carries her open, considerate personality. Megan is articulate and intelligent, and she brightens up when discussing politics and government. On her first day, we had a great conversation about President Kennedy and President Obama, two of her favorite modern American leaders. Not only can she hold her own in a dialogue about policy and current events, but she can also converse in a multilingual environment with her ability to speak Mandarin and Spanish. Megan’s delightful personality and language proficiencies will be another attribute to her success as a Senate Page. Megan Lin is a valuable member our team. We have learned to rely on her because regardless of how difficult a task at hand may be or how novel a challenge is, Megan always goes above and beyond what is called of her. With her combination of intellect, commitment, determination, creativeness, and an empathetic character, Megan will certainly be an esteemed member of the Senate Page program. I encourage you to review Megan’s application favorably.

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