Is Odysseus A Good Leader

The Odyssey Was Hitler a good leader? He was a good leader; Hitler was well spoken, very charismatic and very persuasive. He had a way to get others to follow and believe in his visions and beliefs. 1. He is both a good leader and hero. Hero he never backed down from a fight, he left Ithaca not knowing he will return. He is a leader because he is fearless, cautious and sneaky. Fearless in any obstacle he has to face, he has everything he has against monsters, gods.

He fought Circe when she turned his men into pigs, and facing all those suitors that try and take his place as king.

Why Was Odysseus A Good Leader

As he approaches obstacles, he always finds a solution. As he approaches the Sirens, he orders his men to put beeswax in their ears to prevent them from crashing their ships due to their beautiful and enchanting songs. Without Odysseus cautiousness, his crew would have risk everyone’s’ lives by going into dangerous situations.

A hero is someone who does something courageous or valiant, anyone can be a hero. A leader is someone who can easily take control of a situation and direct, take charge of people, or motivate people; only a select few people are truly natural leaders.

Not all heroes are leaders, some in situations think of themselves and not the big picture. Most leaders can be heroes, it takes a lot of courage to take upon a responsibility and carry that throughout.

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Like Odysseus he was both a hero and a leader. He saved his men multiple times making him a hero and he was a great leader in which everyone respected him for. When trapped in the cave of Polymers Odysseus acts like a leader coming up with a brilliant plan that help his men escape, making him a hero in the end.

Leaders need to have certain attributions such as Honesty- Leaders have o be honest, those under your charge must trust you, and if they do not then they will not follow. Responsibility- Making decisions and living up to the consequences. Good leaders do not blame others for what they have done, they deal with the situation. Confidence- Believing in one self is important for a leader because if you do not and others see they will not trust or follow. Enthusiasm-Having energy and emphasizing the importance of what you mean. If you cannot get a crowd to move or get their attention then no one will listen or follow.

Reliability- Being a leader people kook for you to be the back support of a group. They rely on you to get them to the situation. Patience- Needed in order to be able to explain, teach, and demonstrate the charges or simple things to anyone. Determination- See tasks through to the bitter end, and keeps your charges motivated to continue. Loyalty- Being committed to whatever you believe and making people have the faith in you. Courage- As a leader, you must have courage in order to be decisive. You can’t be afraid of failure, or else you will not be able to function as a leader.

Have the courage to stick to your invocations or go with a gut instinct. Don’t be afraid to try a new approach. “Cyclops, you ask my honorable name? Remember the gift you promised me, I shall tell you. My name is Nobody: mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nobody’ (9. 395-398) “Steer wide; keep well to seaward; plug your oarsman’s ear with beeswax kneaded soft; none of the rest should hear that song” (12. 57-60). Mimi took my house to still alive. Contempt was all you had for the gods who rule wide heaven, contempt for what men say of you hereafter. Your last hour has come. You die in blood” (12. 38-43).

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