Nvq Level 3 “Health and Social Care Course”

Description: What happened?

I recently attended a study day for my NVQ level 3 Health and Social Care course. The study day comprised of an hour session on reflective writing and completing reflections. One of the NVQ assessors gave a talk around the requirements of reflective writing and its importance as a skill within the healthcare setting. Models such as Gibbs (1988) reflection model were discussed and templates provided to aid the NVQ students in the completion of their coursework.

The second session involved a visit from the Acute Intervention Team (AIT) who engaged with the NVQ students to see if we were up to date with NEWS scoring within Physiological Measure.

We sat through a power-point presentation and the instructor displayed a diversity of NEWS scores to gauge what is actually being practiced on the wards. Each Student completed an Obs chart and passed it along to the next student for additional data input. This allowed for a continual record completion process to take place.

The AIT team wanted to determine that all students were able to recognise when a patient became acutely unwell. This was a refresher session.

In the latter part of the study day, we were visited by Barry the Dementia Friends Lead, Barry delivered a session on the Dementia Awareness. This involved the students completing a task whereby they had to match up two halves of sentences to make a full sentence regarding what dementia is and what it is not. Furthermore, Barry explained what dementia is and the different forms which it can take and worked through the bookcase simulation on Dementia.

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Feelings: What were you thinking and feeling?

I though the study day was a good opportunity for learning and developing myself further in terms of my working practice as a HCSW, however, I didn’t feel it was relevant to the NVQ Level 3 Health and Social Care course, but it was helpful for developing my HCSW role within the organisation.

I thought to myself that actually, as a result of the training, particularly the Dementia training, it re-enforced the fact for me, that I do not think I am best placed within the dementia setting.

I felt that I had arrived by this revelation as a result of my own personal experiences with family member s suffering with dementia, I felt that I was reliving some of the situations I had found myself in during the past.

On the whole, I felt that the day went well, even though it felt like a lot of information to take in and which I was required to absorb for future practice. I felt that it was necessary for my continual learning journey, however, I felt emotionally drained having reflected in real time on my own personal experiences with Dementia and my family members.

Evaluation: What was good and bad about the situation?

It was good to be undertaking further learning around reflective practice, dementia and Acute Interventions for patients and I love the fact that the staff think we (as students) are good enough to undertake such training. The AIT session was really interesting and informative and I genuinely believe I have learnt a lot.

The negative factors, I fell are that there was information overload. The information presented to us was really interesting, however, I feel it was crammed intone day. I didnt feel that I could do the information justice as I dint have enough time to absorb it.

 Analysis: What sense can you make of the situation?

The sense I can make of the situation is that the session were a requirement in order for us student to learn the necessary skill which are required of all Health Carers, however, I acknowledge through my own learning journey, that individual learn at different speeds.

If the study day had been run over two or maybe three days, there would have given us (the students0 more time to absorb the information and even practise what we were learning, as opposed to just retaining the information. I acknowledge that these course are run all the time and students undertake them and I just need to accept the fact that I might be a slower learner than some of the other students I am on the course with.

Conclusion: What else could you have done?

I had been up completing my NVQ work the night prior to the study day, I could have got more sleep that night as this would have ensured that I was in the best frame of mind and, maybe I would have been more resilient and accepting of the huge amount of information which was being transmitted to us.

I could have engaged more as a learner, with the tutors and probed for more examples of how to apply their theories to practice. I could have made hand written notes throughout the presentations, however this might have side tracked my focus also. I could have left the study day with a more positive attitude and not felt so defeated and unworthy of my place on the course.

Action Plan: If the situation arose again what could you do?

This situation will certainly arise again in the not too distant future as I am yet to complete the NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care. Therefore, I will strive to maintain a positive mental attitude and display a positive outlook to all situations I find myself in. I will try my best to not feel unworthy of my place on the course and I will continue to remind myself that I am just as entitled to my place on the course as my fellow students. I will ensure that I get a good night sleep prior to any future study days as I acknowledge that my full focus and engagement will be required for participation. I will continue to remind myself on a regular basis that all this hard work will pay off and I will at some point in the not too distant future, succeed and complete the NVQ level 3.

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Nvq Level 3 “Health and Social Care Course”
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