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A kind of sequel to “Padre padrone” [Lesen here my review of Gavino Ledda: “Padre padrone” on books Rezensionen”

Based on the novel Gavino Ledda: “Lingua di falce” in ”

The framework is simple: to return as Gavino Ledda from the mainland to his hometown Siligo (Sassari), he finds himself no longer cope; he is by the locals not like one of your accepted. After all, who turns his back on his homeland, exiled himself. Although he has earned in a foreign university degrees, but alienated him from his roots and of itself.

Gavino takes place in a primitive stone shepherd’s hut (a type of nuraghe ) back.

As Gavino suffering from cancer, his friend Leonardo (appearing in his delirium goblins ( amuntadores ) from the Sardinian mythology, to where he Leonardo da Vinci recognizes) as well as Greek goddesses, including Athena. The spirits let him know that his illness is a result of his departure from the native traditions. Under the guidance of his mentor Leonardo> da Vinci


“hubris” of the movie title refers to Gavinos arrogant challenge to the higher powers; in the end they do not conform to his pride, but his newfound (Sardinia) identity.

The film was produced by the public television channel Raitre and (184 minutes) broadcast in four episodes 1986th (The movie version had only 124 minutes.) However, shot Ledda with its intel- lectual, avant-garde concept far beyond what he could expect his audience. The criticism accused him of self-adulation, while the film as artificial, overloaded, was felt lifted. Several scenes seem unintentionally funny, about some silly costumes or if the hero brings solely with the power of his voice dry stone walls to collapse. The question is also whether Gavino Leddas message is to be a rejection of all modern when he fell dressed at the end and sickle reinforced a combine stop commands and fields culture seeds (Greek masks, classical music).

Despite all objections is to take the film worth seeing one experiment succeeds in powerful images and sounds, which may account for Sardinian culture and character.

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Ybris of Gavino Ledda Review
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