Women Should Be given More Opportunities at Sports

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I think that women should have more opportunities when it comes to coaching male dominant sports. Based on this article, Natalie Randolph took all the necessary measures as a coach and leader when it came to being a coach for the high school football team. Even though football is dominantly a male sport, women are gradually starting to place themselves in the male sports world, whether it is as an athletic trainer, assistant coach, head coach. etc. There are even some female place kickers on college football teams, I feel that gender should not decide whether or not they are able to coach a sports team, because I have seen many male coaches that do not know what they‘re doing when it comes to coaching a team.

So, why not give women a better chance? Who knows. maybe they can be successful and lead the time. like Natalie Randolph did.

I think that this is very controversial issue with many people.

because women and men play differently than each other. There is a reason why men and women play separately and not together; naturally, men are tougher than women. When it comes to UCLA’s men’s team, I do not think they should compare them to UConn’s team. because men are held to a different standard than women in sports. It’s not the women’s fault; it’s just when sports were first being established, men were always the superior players. Although, women can still be extremely talented and have a great season, it’s just with society and the social norms, women and men can’t be compared to each other in the sports world.

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Based on the graphs regarding boys and girls participation in sports, since Title IX, there have been more girls and boys participating in intercollegiate sports. With these graphs, it seems that Title IX has paved a way for women‘s athletic players. However. when it comes to women coaching women’s college teams, the number has declined since 1972. When Title IX was first enacted. women were very excited that they had a better opportunity when it came to being a coach for a women’s college team, However. as time went on, the number of women coaching women’s college teams went down. This was probably due to either women were not able to handle all of the responsibilities, or they were not coaching the team correctly, leading to them losing their job.

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