Women's Rights and Equality

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My collage contains a few of the feminists throughout history that I love and respect. Unfortunately, however, I could never fit all of them into just one collage. Along with the pictures of women I chose, are common phrases or stereotypes associated with women throughout history. These are a testament to how much we have overcome and how far we still have to go regarding women’s having rights and equality. Each feminist I’ve specified is highlighted by a gold border to draw attention to their status as having made great contributions to the women’s movement.

I used gold accents throughout the collage to extenuate their notability and embrace femininity.

Courtney Love is my biggest role model currently because of how much she has impacted the women of the rock and roll world, a world mainly dominated by men. Courtney Love is one of the strongest women I know, while coping with her husband’s tragic suicide, losing the custody of her only child, and facing the public’s constant criticism she has come out stronger than ever and refuses to let the world dim her spirit.

Courtney Love is not admired much and has even been accused of murdering her husband. I believe she is extremely underrated, being overshadowed by her drug use or questionable decisions. I believe Courtney was ahead of her time and earned the title “The Queen of Rock and Roll.” Her famous quote, “Don’t date the captain of the football team, be the captain of the football team” has always inspired me.

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Courtney is always portrayed as out of control or high off drugs, but in reality, she is living her best life and that has always inspired me to be more like her, to do whatever makes you happy even if others tear you down.

Yoko Ono, like Courtney Love, is not very liked by the public, especially Beatles fans. Yoko Ono is another admirably strong woman who witnessed her husband get shot down right in front of her. She has chosen to carry on and keep John Lennon’s legacy alive while being a strong influence in feminist art. John Lennon’s legacy has also overshadowed her identity and is often only recognized as Lennon’s widow. I believe that Ono has become an easy target over the years for Beatles fans to blame the break-up of the band on because she is a woman. She has received so much hate and has handled it with such fortitude that I have always found her admirable.

I have never heard of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie before this class but I fell in love with her and what she stands for after reading and watching more of her stories. Her approach to feminism is original and mild, and I believe that men and women should all watch her TedTalks because of how refreshing her approach to feminism is and how interesting her stories on feminism are being that she is from Africa. I wanted to include her in this college because of how much of an impact she had on me and to inform others of her important work.

Frida Kahlo was one of the first artists I have ever been in awe of, whether it was her work or her life story as a growing feminist. Kahlo’s paintings have always intrigued me because of how raw and honest they are while sharing both emotional and physical pain from her life. Kahlo also defied gender stereotypes, embracing qualities that were considered masculine and refusing to conform to many women stereotypes. Kahlo is an inspiration to female artists everywhere and will always be a huge inspiration of mine.

Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of women empowerment, and after all, who doesn’t love Oprah? She has been around for years, being a constant idol for women and girls around the world. Being one of the most powerful women in the world, I can’t think of her when it comes to feminism. Another standout modern actress is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, she will always be one of my favorite women because Seinfeld is my all-time favorite show and I watch it daily. Her role in Seinfeld as Elaine Benes is iconic, and a great example of a strong and defiant woman living in a world surrounded by men.

Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday are women I wanted to include not only because of their impact on feminism but their influence on the music scene as African American women. I love Fitzgerald and Holiday because of their incredible talents and triumphs as colored, female entertainers in the 40s and 50s. Michelle Obama is a modern example of this and has been a strong role model for feminists and African Americans all over. The speeches she has given and the support she has offered for women are unforgettable. Her heart-to-heart moments with children and others during her “Be Best” campaign made an incredible impact.

Lastly, I found Margaret Sanger an obvious choice to include in my college along with Gloria Steinem. Both are major contributors to the growing feminism in the 60s while refusing to let anyone get in the way of their goals for women.

I enjoyed and appreciated being allowed to choose what to do for a final project so freely. All of my art classes have requirements and expectations, so it was nice to be able to pick my choice of media and make it my own. Making collages is my favorite art form and I have never been able to do this in any other course. I also never get the chance or the time to make collages for myself outside of my classes anymore, so I appreciate this opportunity to express myself fully without limitations.

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