"A State of Equality, Especially In Status, Rights And Opportunities"

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Equality. Defined as ‘the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities,’ in the Oxford Languages. But it can mean different things to different people and can change over time. We have seen equality change in gender, race, as well as in social class. We have learned the struggle and journey to get to where we are today with equality- though there has been a major improvement inequality we are today still faced with some inequalities that can be fixed.

There are many different reasons why equality is important- some may say essential. Though we have the pros of equality we are still faced with cons that come from egotistical people and some semi-reasonable cons.

There are many examples of the evolution of equality. We see it in race, social class, gender, and even religion. Equality changes were even made into Amendments, also referred to as out “Human Born Rights” we see out rights improving for the American men as early as 1865, “The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery (1865), the Fourteenth Amendment made freed slaves citizens of the United States and the state wherein they lived (1868), and the Fifteenth Amendment gave the vote to men of any race (1870)”.

Seeing that African slaves were now American Citizens and their rights have improved, women went for their rights. The improvements that the equal rights had brought gave more and more people a chance to express themselves and speak of all the injustices that were happening around them and how they were being treated.

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The cons of equality were surrounded by insecurities of people, I believe the reasons that I found were easy fixes.“Communication may be tougher in a diverse workforce, even if everyone is speaking English. Workers from cultures that value deference to management may not speak up without encouragement. Standards of polite behavior may differ widely among employees. Employees may be self-conscious about what they say or the jokes they tell for fear of unintentionally offending someone. Employees from different groups may form cliques and avoid other groups, reducing the benefits of diversity. If some employees have bigoted attitudes, they may not keep their views in check. That can create a tense, hostile workplace.”

We are taught as children that if you have nothing nice to say it don’t say it, or if you wouldn’t say it in front of mama don’t say it but even then some families are brought up with a racial influence. As for the cons, offices now have set rules/laws on discrimination which could be considered a pro or con because if someone does not like that new rule they might go out of their way to taunt or harass their co-worker and as for a pro, people might think twice before harassing someone. When doing this research I found more pros than cons.

In conclusion, there were more pros than cons due to the cons being based around people with huge egos, change is not impossible, people just want it but cannot put in the work to make it a reality. If you deserve equality amongst people, why shouldn’t others? Change is at hand, will you be the person who opposes it, and deprive people of their rights, the rights that were not only a gift from our founding fathers but from the people before us that put their lives on the line so that their children and grandchildren and everyone they were fighting for, including you, could not give everyone the equality they deserve? Or will you be the person that helps make equality, not only a reality for this generation but for your children and everyone that comes after us?

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