Why You Should Cancel Your Gym Membership

Gyms used to be full of people after each New Year’s Day who decided to make a commitment to their bodies. This is still the case in some places today but the gym craze has gone down significantly. This is due to the introduction of home workouts and millennials finding it hard to spend money when the job market is so difficult to get into. Gyms were supposed to help the average person adhere to a workout routine even during a busy weekday.

However, they became a way for corporations to make money and people to stay home and eat chips while thinking their memberships equates health.

More and more young people are cancelling their memberships. This is not something arbitrary and it was a long time coming. Here is why you should also get rid of your gym membership and workout using other means. Going to the gym itself is an exhausting act. Getting up, taking your gym bag, getting a water bottle and actually getting into a vehicle to travel to the gym is already taxing.

And then you’re expected to workout for at least an hour. This is not only difficult to accomplish but also has a negative effect on your energy levels. It costs you more time and more money as well.

You work hard five days a week to earn money and about ten percent of it goes to your membership at the gym every month. The main issue isn’t spending your money: it’s wasting your money.

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You rarely go to your gym and most days you make excuses until it’s been weeks since you’ve worked out. Keeping a membership on standby is not the way to get healthy so save yourself the trouble and save your money. It can be hard to work out in front of other people, especially if you’re not comfortable with your own body. If you spend half your time worrying about what people will think of you then your exercises are going to ineffective and lackluster.

Young people love apps. They are easy ways to do things like shopping and ordering food. You can download a personal trainer app to eradicate the need of a gym altogether. This not only makes sure that you find a trainer that suits your needs but also connects you with customised workouts at home. The gym feels dreary and exhausting with its fluorescent lighting and loud music. Instead, you would rather be somewhere quiet and peaceful to make your body more relaxed. You can go for a timed run outside and feel the sun, or even go for a hike on Sunday morning to rejuvenate your senses. Gyms are slowly becoming obsolete with more and more options to workout by yourself or at home. This is why memberships should be discarded and a self sustaining exercise methodology needs to be adopted for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Why You Should Cancel Your Gym Membership
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