Why We Live Here!

Fiesta Like There’s No Mañana!” Why We Live Here! 6th Annual Taco & Tequila Festival As the saying goes, “Let’s Fiesta Like There’s No Mañana!” Crab Island Cantina and HarborWalk Village in Destin are hosting their 6th Annual Taco & Tequila Festival on Destin Harbor in March. Participants will enjoy an afternoon full of savory tacos, smooth tequilas, live music, and other harbor-side activities. Local restaurants, including 2018’s first place Taco Champion Margaritaville, Destin, will serve mouth-watering tacos with fresh twists on beef, chicken, fish, shrimp as well as traditional Latin tacos.

Along the Harbor Walk will you find an array of fresh tacos with local ingredients. INSERT QUOTE ABOUT TACOS / TACO VENDOR With over 30 different types of tequila, can you go wrong? During the event, participants will taste tequilas with smoky flavors, notes of sweet agave, and Blanco tequilas. Higher-end tequilas, including Don Julio’s 1942 tequila, will be available in the VIP Room. INSERT QUOTE ABOUT TEQUILAS.

During the event, participants will cast their vote for their favorite taco. First through fourth place will be awarded to participating taco vendors based on voters’ choice as well as first through fourth places based on votes from appointed judges. INSERT QUOTE ABOUT COMPETITION.

Whether you want to dance to the left or dance to the right, live bands will play throughout the event. Participants may also enjoy an afternoon filled with waterfront shopping, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Pontoons and jet skis will be available to rent. World-class fishing charters, pirate ship excursions, and dolphin cruises are also available for booking.

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There are multiple ticketing options for this event. $20 – unlimited taco tastings; $40 general admission – unlimited taco tastings and 7 drink tickets to use for a variety of 7oz specialty tequila cocktails or tequila samples; $75 VIP Access – unlimited taco and 10 drink tickets to use for a variety of 7oz specialty tequila cocktails or tequila samples. EXCLUSIVE access to the VIP area at Crab Island Cantina which includes: 16 premium tequilas to sample, 5 craft taco bars, a private DJ, private bathrooms, and a 6th Annual Taco & Tequila Fest Swag Bag that includes a T&T Fest t-shirt, ball cap, neoprene koozie, 15% off coupons to use on the Harbor and more cool swag.

VIP Room Package: Everything included in the above VIP ticket plus- a two-night stay at the luxurious Emerald Grande Resort overlooking the Destin Harbor, a VIP Reception on Friday, March Xth from 6-8 pm at Crab Island Cantina, and a VIP Brunch on Sunday, March Xth from 11 am-2 pm. Underage participants are welcome, but must still pay for the $20 Unlimited Taco Tasting ticket. Although young children are welcomed, the venue and boardwalk will be crowded making it difficult to navigate strollers and wagons. The vendors and sponsors of the 6th Annual Taco & Tequila Festival encourage all participants to remain responsible. Lodging at the Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village is just an elevator ride away from the festival. Rooms can be pre-booked. Please call ahead for pricing. If tacos, tequila, bands, and water sports are not incentive enough, all proceeds from the Taco & Tequila Festival benefit The Salvation Army.

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