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The Largest Container Port is the Port of Busan
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Port of Busan handled over 17 million TEUs (JIFFA,2014) ranking after Shanghai, Singapore, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Busan port’s facility is controlled and managed by the Korea Container Terminal Authority (KCTA), which is a non-profit organization authorized by the Ministry of Maritime Affair and Fisheries. From the 1970s to 2004, four container terminals were built to resolve the congestion and get ready for increased demand due to the economic development of China. To scope the trend of variation in vessel…...
On The Waterfront
Why We Live Here!
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Fiesta Like There's No Mañana!” Why We Live Here! 6th Annual Taco & Tequila Festival As the saying goes, “Let's Fiesta Like There's No Mañana!” Crab Island Cantina and HarborWalk Village in Destin are hosting their 6th Annual Taco & Tequila Festival on Destin Harbor in March. Participants will enjoy an afternoon full of savory tacos, smooth tequilas, live music, and other harbor-side activities. Local restaurants, including 2018’s first place Taco Champion Margaritaville, Destin, will serve mouth-watering tacos with fresh…...
On The Waterfront
Changes in pH Measurements Relative to Algae Blooms
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Abstract The waterfront location in Biscayne Bay is part of a diverse estuary on the west coast of Florida. pH was measured there using an OctaSlide viewer, and the data showed that it had been rising over the last six years of testing. Research showed that ocean basification could be caused by algae blooms that block out sunlight for the marine plants and through photosynthesis these algae lower pH. When the algae decompose, the process uses oxygen but leaves fewer…...
On The Waterfront
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Consequences of the Rapid Industrialization of Japan
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Japan, located off the coast of East Asia, is an archipelago nation comprised of four main islands and over 3500 smaller islands (Petry). The islands were first inhabited around 8,000 BC by a hunter-gatherer civilization known as the Jōmon ('Japan, 8000–2000 B.C.') Since its colonization, Japan’s environment has heavily influenced the lives and culture of the Japanese people. However, its residents are currently conflicted between conservation and resource usage, which has resulted in various political, economic, and environmental issues. Although…...
On The Waterfront
The Start Of Sunset Park
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Sunset Park located on a prime location of a waterfront, made Sunset Park a community where wave after wave of immigrants could settle and find work. Named for the park at its center. The park itself was developed in the 1890s, defining an area that had previously been runoff from the surrounding neighborhoods of South Brooklyn and Bay Ridge. But even without a name, the area has always had clear and visible natural boundaries. In the 15th century, the neighborhood…...
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On the Waterfront review
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The following sample essay on "On the Waterfront review": on Thursday, the 12th of March, we visited The Theatre Royal Haymarket to watch a performance called "On the Waterfront", about corruption and violence. On the Waterfront recounts the gritty story of ex-boxer Terry Molloy (Simon Merrells) who works on the New Jersey docks. Taking one too many dives in his career, Molloy is forced out of prize fighting and finds himself involved in the seedy world of organised crime. Because…...
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I could have been a contender
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"I could have been a contender," said Marlon Brando as he improvised his lines for his character, Terry Malloy, in the seven-time Academy Award winner film On the Waterfront (On the Waterfront). Marlon Brando used improvisation throughout the film to create a truly unique, unprecedented character. In the film, Terry Malloy transforms from a non-ambitious follower to a strong, independent hero. Terry Malloy's transformation is not credited to his own revelations but rather is driven by the role he has…...
On The Waterfront
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Why We Live Here!
...VIP Room Package: Everything included in the above VIP ticket plus- a two-night stay at the luxurious Emerald Grande Resort overlooking the Destin Harbor, a VIP Reception on Friday, March Xth from 6-8 pm at Crab Island Cantina, and a VIP Brunch on Su...
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