Who kills is by Friedrich Ani Review

Silvia Klages, which together with Roland lives in her house, is the second time a victim of crime: A man collapses, Roland suggests hospitalized and kick him out. Silvia he takes hostage.Jonas Vogel, former head of the Homicide and blinded after a serious accident, will take place during an evening walk the bloody Roland near the crime scene. Ambulance and the police as soon as possible on the ground.

Jonas Vogel has cleared the first case Klages. At that time had Silvia watch as the perpetrators their parents have slain like cattle.

Now they reconnected in a violent situation. Jonas tears the forensic procedure itself. The responsible head of homicide can not prevail. . So Jonas goes to the house to can be exchanged, and in fact: The kidnapper, convinced that a blind Commissioner was not a danger to him, Silvia can freely

Julius festival is the culprit; but he wants to be called Henning. Gradually, the reader, what motive Julius learns this attack has.

He is influenced by his childhood and his relationship with his best school friend Henning Steiner. That was a clever, precocious boy who used an intimate friendship with Anni, an older girl – and today is the 20th anniversary of his death, because Henning was only 12 years old

The diary-like structure (. day and time) gives the content pace. On Wednesday evening the crime, and Thursday in the early morning starts it ends. Many dialogs, clear and short sentences reinforce the impression of hassle. The novel (Genre: Crime) is not tense excessively – the author relies more on the story behind the mentally ill Julius.

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This has failed after the loss of his friend in his own life: no goals, no education. And now this hostage situation … Certainly a cry for help.

The pensioner Jonas bird is not a sympathetic character. Not even his disability, he mastered with the help of his faithful dog and a stick could activate a trace of pity in the reader. His arrogant self-assessment and his reckless behavior come not only with his former colleagues on rejection. Under his ruthlessness and his family, especially his wife Esther suffers. The marriage is on the rocks. An entertaining thriller on medium voltage level. Friedrich Ani twice received the German Crime Fiction Prize.

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Who kills is by Friedrich Ani Review
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