"Blade Runner": Roy Kills Tyrell

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Ridley Scott was born in 1937 and was raised in unfashionable Northumbria (Tyne and Wear) England. Although Scott was a fair way from UCLA film school (California) He still managed to become a director! Scott learnt his skills in direction by attending the royal college of art and then began designing backgrounds for adverts; he then went on to directing adverts like “hovis.” After the adverts his first film was “the duellists” in 1977.

Ridley Scott is one of the most talented and hottest directors working at the minute.

He manipulates the camera to show more about the camera and story than dialog ever could.Scott has the ability to take on “epic” projects; he understands human nature enough to include intimate scenes or great power and beauty. Scott takes in great detail down to the smallest little thing, this makes a big difference, if he hadn’t have thought about little details the audience may not understand as much about the characters, time or place.

Ridley Scott develops a coherent vision of the future.

The weather in “Blade Runner” is dull, rainy and grey. It shows that the place in which the film is set in is maybe a bad place or that it is very worn after time. “Blade Runner” shows a lot of crime and that the world is going to get worse if people don’t look after it. Buildings and housing are more like small flats made like town houses (on top of each other.) when Roy and Sebastian go to see Tyrell (G-d) to see if it was possible to give Roy more life.

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Tyrell replies by telling him you cant mess with fate. This results in Roy turning round and holding Tyrell up close “I want more life…fucker”The death of Tyrell occurs because Roy did not get what he wanted.

Ridley’s way of filming the death make it seem real the camera views make the audience imagine what is going on! Roy kills Tyrell by using his hands to screw up Tyrell’s face but whilst the death is occurring Ridley used his imagination to put in screen shots of an owl. This makes the death more mysterious.In “Gladiator” Scott makes the murder of Marcus Aurileus very like the killing of Tyrell in “Blade Runner” close ups of the face during the killing of Marcus by his own son “commodus.”

Although in “Gladiator” Scott uses a bust of Marcus Aurileus as a close up during the killing. This symbolises that Commodus wants this to be one day him but his father had chosen Maximus to become the new leader of Rome, this left commodus no choice he could think of to get to the throne except to kill his father before anybody found out about maximus to be in line to the throne.Both “Blade Runner” and “Gladiator” address the theme of mortality. They show that life is fragile no matter what you go through. They also show how precious life is. “Blade Runner” is set in the future, where replicas, which had been perfectly made to look, like humans.

These “replicants” were in need to be hunted down and destroyed after some of them had malfunctioned and massacred a group of humans. Where as in “Gladiator” it is set in the past where a man called “Maximus” was taken as a slave for “Rome.” “Maximus” does not mind this, as he is to fight in the “games” for “Rome.” “Maximus” fights and fights battle after battle and eventually wins victory, although unfortunately it was all too much for him and he dies but he goes to be with his family, which were killed by Commodus.”Blade Runner” and “Gladiator” both explore father-son relationships that are dysfunctional. In “Blade Runner” it is “the kiss” between Roy and Tyrell that gives a twist to the story as Roy does this before he kills Tyrell. In “Gladiator” it is the embrace between Commodus and Marcus where Commodus hugs his father and then settles down to kill him.Scott was attracted to the replicants story with the murder involved because his brother died suddenly. He quoted “Frank’s death freaked me out…I knew I had to work through it… I had to get shooting. So I plunged into shooting Blade Runner.

It kept me occupied.” Perhaps, like Roy became acutely aware of how precious life is. In “Blade Runner” Roy kills Tyrell and in “Gladiator” Marcus kills Commodus. The killings are similar because both of them show only the faces of the characters in the scene and in-between glimpses of either: A statue of Marcus Aurelius (Gladiator) or an owl (Blade Runner.)In “Gladiator” a dying Marcus Aurelius plans to name his loyal and brave general Maximus his place to restore the power of the Roman senate. When Aurelius’s son finds out about this he is power hungry and jealous. Commodus then realises that Marcus is the only one who knows of the gift, which had been offered to Marcus, and kills his dying father to make sure it was him who got his fathers place at the throne.Ridley Scott likes to have “protagonists” in his films.

I think he is attracted to this because it makes the story more interesting. By having a “hero” or main character there is a story to undertake and go into great detail about this person. This makes the story more adaptable to how this person feels, how this person thinks and what this person is like even if the story is not along those details.Deckard and Maximus are both outsiders like Scott is in Hollywood. This is because Scott is English and he likes his main characters to be men, he doesn’t care about the script and if he wants to change something he will change it. Scott has great willpower.Deckard resigned from the police force and was blackmailed into returning for the hunting of the “Replicants” This was because he is the best at his “Blade Running” job. Although it doesn’t seem it in the beginning Deckard himself is a replicants. Maybe this is why he found it so easy to track down other replicants.

Deckard managed successfully to identify and exterminate the replicants.Maximus is a Spaniard. He was the best. Maximus was contracted by the Romans to fight their battles for them because he was so good. The only reason Maximus did it was to hopefully win and be with his family.Maximus was honourable he knows what he wants he did what he was told to do. Many people worshipped him to them he was a hero! Whilst Deckard is more complicated he doesn’t know he is a replicants. Deckard does what he thinks is right. Which could end up in the wrong.

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"Blade Runner": Roy Kills Tyrell
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