The Lone Angel Of Friedrich Ani Review

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Emma Fink has done its duty. She went to the police and reported that her boss, the greengrocers Justus Greve, 55, single, is abgängig. But the state agency sees no need for action, as long as no concrete evidence exists for a crime. Finally, a grown man is a free man and can go at will on his way, without leave of its employees or having to answer to the authorities.

Ms. Fink’s interest in the whereabouts of the Justus Greve has its limits.

Maybe he amuses himself with yes one of his many female acquaintances on Lake Garda. But after nothing (even the police) has heard for weeks about him, they began driving the concern about, so she turns to the private investigation by Edith Liebergesell.

There is to the experienced “seeker” Tabor south take the case. He would have needed the order, because the man is abundant burned. For weeks he runs every day “aimless, clumsy, useless” through the streets of Munich until he stops in one of his hangouts of type “cat forge” to the hard misery to stun his existence with no less hard antidotes.

As the missing Justus Greve is 55 years old and his viewfinder, however, unlike that of any successes won in women. Spouses, children, relationship and completely affärenlos he suffers his loneliness.

Earlier had Tabor South once a secure job as a police officer in Cologne. So he went with his colleague and only friend Martin Heuer on patrol. Then he suggested Martin to pull together to Munich, where the rise lured into the elevated service.

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Although it took Martin either in higher income groups nor on the south (it’s vibrant Berlin would have irritated), he was persuaded. Fortunately, the decision brought neither. Martin Heuer committed suicide, and Tabor South carries since then hard on the guilt, which he attributes to it.

Just as the new order Tabor may withdraw south perhaps for some time from his never-ending sense of crisis, could he also the saving anchor for the sinking ship of inconspicuous private detective. When the owner finally closes the store as intended, also the two employees Patrizia Roos and Tabor south to new jobs would have to look around.

The small company is equal burned in several ways. Literally: neo-Nazis have invaded the office, set on fire and completely destroyed. Amenities default and perspective: The owner refuses to put the office immediately restored to operation. First he wants to see the money from the insurance company. Emotional: A fire team-mate Leonhard Kreutzer was killed. That was the last blow to the years mentally angeknacksten force to pull the rug out. Ten years earlier, had been kidnapped by criminals from the right-wing scene and murdered Edith Liebergesells little son Ingmar. but the police played the event down, leaving the victim alone in her pain.

As with many previous novels in the series is the real Krimiplot, research Justus Greves whereabouts for a long time rather incidental banter. Tabor South tested for all your friends and relatives in the area of ​​missing persons. should lure his taciturn interrogation technique simply placed in the room assumptions that restrained witnesses in a conversation is a trademark of Friedrich Anis broken protagonist and narrator.

In addition to the whereabouts Greves the “seeker” explored before especially the human soul, especially his own. All the many missing persons, lost and dead in his life (not once did he ever found his father) he is closer than the living. Leitmotif he moves in the shadowy realm of his memories, dreams like a child, his eyes closed “so that the world would disappear, and when I opened them again, I was on a planet without cemeteries and parched room”.

while the author vigorously goes out of his to his social criticism of Munich Gentrifizierungsverhältnissen to bring to the man – shortage of affordable housing, rather vacancy as a reduction in rents, boom of luxury real estate; Victims are vulnerable families with children, profiteers, speculators and investors – leads Tabor his search quite unmotivated out. not lured him the much needed filthy lucre, he would probably surrender completely to the lamentations.

Tabor surveys ultimately promote revealed nothing useful, especially since he is everywhere lied. When he already sees no point is to investigate further into the matter Greve at all, the author manages in the end even to let the voltage curve to rise slightly. About twenty pages we learn unexpected details of a specific crime. Although behind it a not very original concept, but at least the book deserves just his genre classification as a detective story.

In the meantime already twenty variations told Friedrich Ani of his protagonist Tabor south. Now seems so talented, excellent with many awards like this author to be burned, and an end to the series comes into view. Even many loyal regular readers could the same old concept depressive chronically around and “bebierten” Commissioner be getting tired of.

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