Which is The Best Laravel E-Commerce Package?

Laravel is one of the best-known and most advanced PHP frameworks for Web applications with its expressive syntax. With eCommerce, it ensures an enriching experience for end users. Helps create adaptable and customizable web applications with integrated tools. There is a modular packaging system that works according to the latest PHP standards. Since its existence, Laravel, an open source PHP-based framework, has used agile development to quickly create an easy-to-use website. It is difficult to deny the reality that this framework is highly flexible and suitable for any type of business model.

Nowadays, creating an e-commerce site has become a task that everyone can afford to do without knowing computer programming. This is because there are CMSs like WooCommerce from WordPress, PrestaShop, and Magento. But if you are a web developer, there are also solutions to go even faster in your e-commerce design projects, and that does not exclude the fact that you are not going to code at all.

But do not worry because there is already documentation for all the actions you want to perform, for example modifying, deleting certain functionalities which are integrated by default, or even adding other functionalities.

Business advantages of Laravel Framework:

  • Fast development times
  • Low server overhead
  • Easy to learn
  • Large and active developer community

Several packages have been developed to be used on a Laravel project to create e-commerce sites such as Avoid, laraship, Bagisto, Simoes, etc.


It is a package of site-e-commerce which is open-source and free, based on laravel, and written in PHP, which is easy to personalize, with a responsive web design interface, that is to say, that it adapts to all screen resolutions.

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With this package, you can manage your images, categories, and also your products. With Avoid, you can do marketing, that is to say, send promotional emails to your customers. But also it has a URL already ready for any google referencing.


It is a CMS package designed with laravel which allows different sellers to sell their products on the same hub. It allows customers to make purchases from multiple online stores on a single site. Each store has its page where only its products are listed with their characteristic defined by the seller himself.

And about the overall administration of the site, this is to manage the site owner, but that does not also prevent the seller from defining his banners on his interface. The site owner receives a commission after each sale or shipment. Laraship has several features such as user management, access control, authentication management, subscription management, and content management systems like page management, publications, categories, etc. It also integrates Google Analytics so that the seller can check the analysis of visits on his dashboard.


Magisto is also like laraship with practically the same functioning, that is to say, several sellers can connect to the site and sell their different products. It is an online sales platform built with laravel and Vue.js, and it is open-source. It offers you several features that will allow you to control your store.

For example, you have as functionality: support for multiple channels, regional settings, and currencies; an administration panel with a dashboard, multi-store inventory, and an order management system. The main administrator will therefore have the task of managing inventory, and managing commissions by attracting sellers to sell while providing them with fixed or percentage-based commission rules, he can also make an automatic approval of products, and assign products to sellers.

The seller will find on his administration panel features such as order management, seeing customer or critical reviews, and a dedicated dashboard.

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