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TAMU Commerce online MBA programs offer unique studies in order to meet all requirements and challenging needs of any professional out there. Its online executive MBA program, a.k.a. eMBA, enables the students pursue a degree without making them change their personal or professional life. This university wants to offer a program that features great learning experience for all students. They tend to make the knowledge with great value not only for the student himself, but for their closely associated organizations.

Its online executive MBA program is a cohort based with minimum required size of 12. All students who want to apply to this program are entering a small group of students and they remain with it through the whole program. Its program is taken in 6 terms which are presented below:

  • Term 1 – eMBA 595 – Executives research methods; eMBA 500 – Managerial Economics
  • Term 2 – eMBA 530 – Entrepreneurship and innovation; eMBA 525 – Executive leadership
  • Term 3 – eMBA 510 – Economic forecasting; eMBA 550 – Valued marketing
  • Term 4 – eMBA 540 – Executive accounting; eMBA 545 – Organizational transformation
  • Term 5 – eMBA 535 – Executives’ decision makings; eMBA 515 – Financial risk management
  • Term 6 – eMBA 560 – Position and process of the Executives; eMBA 555 – Executive coaching

This university offers 4 start dates when you can enroll for this program.

For this year the start dates are almost over, but for 2014 are going like this:

–       From January 6 to March 16

Tamu Online Mba

–       From March 24 to June 1

–       From June 9 to August 17

–       From August 25 to November 2

Program Details

The length of the program is 12 courses or 36 hours.

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The courses are taken in more classes. The class length is 10 weeks and they can begin every 11 weeks. Only one winter break divides them and takes place between spring and fall terms. In order to be awarded with admission into TAMU Commerce online MBA program, you are required with transcripts. These transcripts need to derive from internationally recognized foreign institution or accredited institution in the US. It requires additional GMAT or GRE scores which can be eliminated if you have a UGPA 3.0 score. Minimum score isn’t required, but keep on mind that those with higher scores have better chance. Average GMAT or GRE scores can vary.

Alongside these requirements, the TAMU Commerce online MBA program requires work experience, as well. If you are a professional and you want to attend this program, you’ll have to show 3 years of experience in your work field. This online eMBA is designed for those who seek upgrading their careers and advanced degree. As additional requirements, you’ll also need your resume, application letter and a letter of recommendation.

Faculty, degree, transfer credits and tuition

This faculty has been highly qualified over the years and it’s an AACSB accredited school. Its members continue with their education along the teaching. They focus on researches into their professional fields in order to maintain their qualification. This research is represented by many business and government organizations that bring this kind of expertise to solve some situation or problems.

The degree is considered to be a practitioner executive MBA degree. The courses of this program can’t be transferred out or into the online eMBA program. The tuition of this program is $30,000 for taking the full-time program or there is an option paying $2,499 for every course.

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