What Is the Parthenon Really

The following sample essay on What Is the Parthenon Really The Parthenon is known to all of us as a huge structure that was built many thousands of years ago. But is that all it really is. The Parthenon’s construction started in 447 B.C. and the whole structure was completed in 438 B.C. (A)First for the Parthenon the emperor wanted to turn the building into a church. So it was but after much disputes over the Emperor Theodosius, the Franks, and the Turks.

Finallya conclusion was made and the Parthenon became a Christian Church. (A) The reason for the Parthenon to begin with was a monument for Athena. There were two Temples dedicated to Athenabefore the construction of the Parthenon, but in 480 B.C. the Persians destroyed those two temples. They insisted to pay respect to the goddess they would build another temple, that is still standing to this day. Built by two architects Ictinus and Callicrates, and people say that the temple is a prime example of Doric one of three Greek architectural styles.

(B) Inside the temple there were two rooms made on was the East room which was designated to the 40 foot high statue of their goddess Athena, and a smaller room housing the Delian League Treasury. (D) Since the Parthenon was made for the Goddess Athena every four years there was a celebration of the people of Greece in honor of goddess Athena. The celebrations would last up to 12 days, and included music, dancing, and sporting events.

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On the peak of the celebration which was Athena’s birthday there would be 100 bulls sacrificed in honor to Athena. (A) In Rome there is another beautiful building that we may not know enough about. It is know as the Pantheon. The Pantheon was built as a monument or temple to all the Gods of Rome. The Pantheon was built in 27 B.C. and is the only building in the Roman Greco world that is still in perfect condition. The Pantheon was built to replace two building that were destroyed. One wasFor those of you who don’t know the …

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