Welcome To The 21st Century

Topics: Ethnic Identity

Where anyone can be whatever they choose to be. You go to school or work every single day and you see other races and people of different cultures. Think about it, the more you’re around your friends or family the more you pick up their habits or the slang they use. If you’re around a certain ethnic group and you feel like you fit in, you might try to claim it as being your own. You inherit your own ethnic identity as soon as you are born, it is not something you really get to choose.

In this generation we are more open to change and everyone being true to who they believe they are no matter what race you are. Older generations seem to have a harder time accepting this just because they grew up in fear of being different.

What’s important is the was we have evolved from discriminating against certain races/individuals just because of their race to accepting one another and this is where a change is beginning to take place.

If someone came up to you and asked, “So what is your identity?” would you know what you would answer? Identity is a difficulty word to define. In my opinion its who you are, the things you like, and things you are accustomed to. The conception of identity and it’s ‘shifting influences’ and has several forms such as: cultural, social, community, racial, sex so on. These leave several in society with a “label” or stereotype to their name if they’re out of place, unique, ‘one of a kind’ or simply being themselves.

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As individuals we shouldn’t have to be judged off our skin colors, accents, or the way that we dress. The majority of teens from the 21st century were brought up around different ethnic groups therefore, we were all faced with the same upbringings. We are embracing the future diversity of America. In the article “Goin’ Gangsta, Choosin’ Cholita” by Neil Bernstein it says “For April and her friends, identity is not a matter of where you come from, what your born into, what color your skin is. It’s what you wear, the music you listen to, the words you use-everything to which you pledge alliance, no matter how fleetingly.”

This what is most important, and the way people should be seen. Its about what you value rather than your actual ethnicity. Race, ethnicity, culture and variety pressing social group problems. Many individuals face problems everyday with their identity. That is the sense of self being of one’s ethnic background; empowering it then remodeling it; whether or not remodeling is for the great or more dangerous. Individuals in our society, primarily our youth, have to go through the pressures of being talked bad upon once it comes all the way down to what ethnicity they are, the way they fix their hair, and numerous different things.

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