Stress and Anxiety Are Common Diseases in the 21st Century

Stress and anxiety are common diseases in the 21st century, characterized mainly by insecurity, nervousness and restlessness, and affects not only humans but also our pets. As is well known, dogs cannot speak, so it is impossible for them to let their owners know if they are stressed or anxious, and this is responsible for serious health problems and behavior in our dog. What causes these diseases: Domestic animals depend almost absolutely on us, which is why the most common triggers of stress and anxiety may be inevitable.

Although there are many possible reasons, separation anxiety, lack of: attention, socialization, exercise and activity, changes in the environment, changes in routine and spending many hours alone at home are some of the most common causes of stress and anxiety in dogs.

However, in elderly dogs, conditions such as cognitive dysfunction (similar to dementia in people) are often triggers of these diseases, since the dog feels disoriented and sometimes is unable to recognize his family or his own home.

How to recognize it: There are many characteristic signs and alterations in your dog’s behavior that allows you to recognize if he has stress or anxiety. An increase in vocalization such as cries, howls, moans and constant barking, as well as excessive licking of the nose and lips, decrease or lack of appetite, falling or collecting tail, trembling and agitation, defecate and pee outside the usual places, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, frequent vomiting or diarrhea are common signs of stress and anxiety. It is also important to always consider the history of your pet, in its past there may be the key to identify the triggers of these diseases.

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How to treat them: There are several alternatives to help relieve your pet’s stress and anxiety. Learning about the needs of your dog and how to meet them properly is vital to achieve improvement.

The clearer you understand his environment, the easier it will be to learn to reduce his stress and anxiety levels and improve his quality of life and health. Music, exercises, training and even aromatherapy are usually some of the recommended natural treatments. Do not leave him many hours alone and without toys to be entertained, exercise and play frequently with your dog and establish routines so that he know what to expect at each moment, it is important for his health to reduce his stress and anxiety. Sometimes this diseases in our pets are so strong that they may need medication such as “Calmatrol”, “Difixn” and “NausX” designed to help control stress and anxiety, relieve diarrhea and prevent nausea, dizziness and vomiting respectively, are suggested by professionals to help the welfare of your dog’s life. So, it is advisable to visit the veterinarian to guide and help you what to do about this problem. The important thing is to know why this is happening and give the necessary attention to your pet to improve its quality of life.

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Stress and Anxiety Are Common Diseases in the 21st Century
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