21st Century Literature Reviewer

Gregorio Brillantes
REGION 3: Faith, Time, Love, and Dr. Lazaro

Pedro Bucaneg
REGION 1: Biag ni Lam ang

Rita C. Tuban
ARMM: The Conquest of North Borneo

REGION 5: The legend of Mount Mayon

REGION 12: The story of creation

Edith Tiempo
REGION 2: Bonsai

Andres Bonifacio
NCR: Pag-ibig sa tinubuang lupa

REGION 6: Hinilawod myth

Vicente de Veyra
REGION 8: Huy, Lider

Paz Marquez Benitez
REGION 4: Dead stars

Amador Daguio
CAR: Man of earth

Pre-colonial era
Era before foreign influences

Colonial era
Era that started when the Spaniards invaded

Propaganda Movement
Era when Rizal’s 2 novels were written

Commonwealth era
Era of liberation from American colonizers

Martial law era
Era when the Philippine Republic was established.

Lasted for 14 years.

True or False: During the pre-colonial era, people practiced written traditions.

True or False: During the pre-colonial era, epics, tales, songs, riddles, and provers were prominent.

Literature survived in the pre-colonial era through ___________ and geographic isolation.

When did the Spanish Colonial Era begin?

True or False: During the Colonial era, literature was not religious; printing presses weren’t monopolized

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