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At a young age, I had become fascinated with the mind and how it worked. By learning that I could have the opportunity to take this course, I thought I would finally be able to understand how humans functioned from a different perspective. I honestly had no idea what to expect. My general thinking was that it would contain things that I already knew. However, I realized that for the most part, I was wrong, that was only the basis and there was so much more that I would learn.

Throughout the past few weeks, while taking this course, I began to see the importance that psychology held in our everyday life, especially in that of children and adolescents. I have learned that there was an explanation for everything, from our behaviours and the way our mental processes worked to their outcomes such as our actions.

History, Perspectives, and Approaches

Adolescence is commonly viewed as the transition period between late childhood and early adulthood.

This period begins approximately around the age of 10 and ends at 20 (Sharma, sd). During this time, an individual experiences pubertal changes, which can affect social, emotional, and sexual conduct. It is also a time where an individual tries to find self-identity to later be processed into “reality” and the social workforce. Over the past few years, there have been advancements in child and adolescent studies, however, to get to this position we had to start somewhere in the past. One of the main contributors of adolescent psychology was G.

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Stanley Hall. He “was the first psychologist to advance a psychology of adolescence in its own right and to use scientific methods to study them”.

In his study, the adolescent period began around the age of 12 to 25 and was described as a period of “storm and stress”. In theory, this meant that one was to go to war with their emotions to commit to a goal, which leads to the second contributor, Erik Erikson. Erik Erikson developed the idea of self-identity and the role of a person in society. This was mainly directed towards adolescents since at this age they were trying to find themselves and their place in society. For these researchers to come to these conclusions, they had to use at least one of the research methods from the following section.

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