The Silent Visitors By Jan-erik Fjell Review

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Norway: Mr. Wilhelm Martiniussen, principal shareholder of Mardan AG, invites the Management Board and other major shareholders to an emergency meeting. What did he tell them those present feared in advance; therefore, most listening disappointed, but nevertheless quietly. Only one of them loses his composure, announced as Martiniussen that he will not sign off on the multibillion dollar Canada project by his signature.

The reason for his decision is Nora, a nearly 30-year-old environmental activist and for three months, the great love of the twice as old boss.

She has so turned his head, that he radically changed his priorities. he has his luxury cars partly sold, partly parked in the garage, because now he is using buses and trains or moves even on foot.

Those assembled, the Canada project, whose oil drilling could have resulted in tar sands to ecologically giant dirt no longer justified. Wilhelm will have seen alive for the last time. For the following night he strangled on the way to his apartment in an elevator with a piano string.

Nora, meanwhile, fell asleep on the couch, noticed the dead until the next day and informed the police. Chief Inspector Anton Brekke, his colleague Simon Haugen and a student of the police academy, Magnus Torp, form the team of investigators. Forensics is a losing battle: Here acted a professional who touches nothing, stole nothing and left nothing. First, the suspicion falls on products placed around their future profits co-owner of Mardan AG.. But all have watertight alibi.

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. It taps on in the dark

While the author, the police activities leisurely, but logically it slip can, we jump in between a second plot line to New York and in the past – 1962. The 22-year-old Vincent Giordano today his oath store to be included as a gentleman in the Cosa Nostra. First, he will operate an illegal gambling den and, quick and painless zap for Don Domenico apostates, traitors or acting in Jersey opponent who violate agreements. Soon he rises in the hierarchy of the all-determining mafia organization for the second man.

Back in Norway. Have now found witnesses Brekke and his team, the Wilhelm have seen the evening before his death. On a photo you can see Wilhelm and a strange man – of all this is ambushed in the Tatnacht and ends with severe brain injuries in intensive care, in a coma. But Brekke identified him because he remembers press reports of a spectacular murder case that was tried in years before a New York court: The accused was the notorious mobster Vincent Giordano. What makes the here and now in Norway?

Page after page, the author increasingly cheap, built on an absolutely coherent and logically compelling detective story. The conclusion is not spectacular, but a successful, unexpected surprise.

The Cosa Nostra, its structures and a code of ethics rules are described authentic and gripping. Except for a very cruel death punishment, the author does not need a bloodthirsty scenes – what I like about. Peculiar and strange the effect that Vincent is very close to the reader as a person, is almost sympathetic, the more he learns about the life of this merciless killer.

The author Jan-Erik Fjell has with Brekke, Haugen and Torp created an unlikely investigator trio that provides ample reason for tension and entertainment. Brekke’s always like that just keeps an addicted player junkie who gains and losses in balance, really stand out for its loose, schnoddriges mouth and his colleagues also happy times playing tricks. But he is the workhorse of the three, because he has a good nose and the matching biting tools. The 60-year-old Haugen, a stickler is the behavior of his colleagues often very embarrassing. he himself has to put in the police office, some malice: Only recently has pushed him into the water, and now he fears that his severe discomfort in the anus are known. The ointments on his desk are treacherous enough …fells thriller debut “Silent visitors’ stood for months at the head of the Norwegian bestseller list. How was awarded Jan-Erik Fjell the prize of the Norwegian booksellers before him Jo Nesbø and Anne B. Radge. He deserves it! The series continues. Volume Two is in progress.

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