William Shakespeare’s Tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”

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The following sample essay on the theme “William Shakespeare’s Tragedy, Romeo and Juliet” tells about the tragic love of two descendants of hostile Veronese families. In this work we will try to understand the drinking life of Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo was an honorable and respected young man.Romeo was known for being an affectionate boy, who in most cases tried to avoid violence and stay away from young men who were seeking a fight.Romeo had many women that he was with in his past before he met the love his life Juliet.

Romeo had a lot of love for his family, the love of his friends, he even loved his enemies.

Romeo was responsible for the death of cousin and friend Tybalt, and the death of Mercutio, but none of these deaths were really their faults.No child is born with intentions of hurting somebody or being the cause of their family members death.It was not in Romeo’s heart to want to hurt anyone.

The death of Mercutio, Romeos dearest companion, died Romeos anger and emotion took over him and he submerged to all of the terrible things that he had been taught throughout his life. In spite the aspect that these dreadful events have taken place, we must remember not to focus on all the horrible things that have happened or on the remorse that we may be having.

Up until his recent death, Romeo was a good kid. He had lots of things for him.

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He was intelligent and known. He had lots of relationships with the fine young ladies in the city. He was brilliant and he really had a way with the style of talking. He had his heart broken numerous of times, this had him sad and depressed at times. Thats not very so unusual because thats how teenagers are. They get very emotional, and believe that when they like someone they are in love. Theyre very bipolar also, they like hiding themselves away from the next person. When they parents found Romeo and Juliets bodies lying next to each other one reason, they could only think that they were in love with for each other.

Montague and a Capulet. Its quite strange and it seems like it was almost at the same time. Their feud and expectations forbid them from having chance to be a couple. After losing his best friend and killing his wifes cousin, Romeo was so inundated by it all that death was his only way to escape. They were so overwhelmed that dying was their only cure. What could have stopped this young couple from doing what they did. Theyd only known each other for a 6 days. Their hasty actions show us how much they needed guidance.They needed their parents to understand what was going on but they weren’t going to listen . We will never forget Romeo Montague. We should all try to be passionate about somebody like he did have. He had good character, charm, and the potential to be greater person in the future.

The young couple wouldn’t be able to survive the hardships of marriage especially since their families are arch enemies. I couldn’t even imagine how they would feel if they to sneak to see each other and it would be even tougher because Romeo was banished from the town, I don’t think it would have stopped this young couple on their journeys to being with each other .

Romeo and Juliet were very determined and had a mind set of were they werent going to let anybody get in the way of wanted to do and thats what made this married couple special. Juliet’s father and mother didn’t quite understand what was going on but sometimes parents make mistakes in life everybody does at some point of time , but we have to learn how to pick ourselves up when things are getting rough. Now I will say some fine words about the young Juliet. Juliet was a determined young lady that standed up for what she believed was right and she always had her opinion about things.

It don’t matter what it was about she always spoke her mind and had a deep love for Romeo. She would always express her feelings and how she felt even if it meant it backfired on her some type of way. She loved her nurse like she was her own mother she could talk to about anything in the world and the nurse treated her with respect but Juliet was a respectful young lady even when it came to her getting slapped by her dad for refusing to marry somebody she wasn’t physically, mentally, in love with. She was just a strong individual and she knew how to handle situations in a mature way.

She loved Romeo dearly and would do anything just to be with him again. We can all see that he meant the world to Juliet and I know he felt the same way about her.It is clear to see that love at first is real and this married couple is a testimony of it . She loved a man, who people say that she could never be with. That didn’t stop her from her destiny. She went with her heart and didn’t listen to the people that told her she couldn’t do it.

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William Shakespeare’s Tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”
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