The Story of Lust in Romeo and Juliet, a Play by William Shakespeare

Love is not a game, love is worthy and it can affect your whole life with one mistake and that’s the story of Romeo and Juliet, The play points out how they were more in lust than love with each other, such as how they fell in love with the appearance and not the personality of each other, Romeo was in love with Rosaline before and the last reason is they only cared about satisfaction. Firstly my main point is that they fell in love with the appearance and not the personality of each other, Without knowing a single thing about each other and not even a name they decided to kiss which was a big step for Juliet who was only 13 and never been in love.

They didn‘t even have a proper conversation which means they would rather be with someone who’s good looking without knowing anything about them. Even when they met the second time at the balcony they confessed their feelings for each other and kissed until Juliet was called by her nurse.

They didn‘t know how vulnerable love is and how dangerous it is They didn’t have a basic knowledge on what to do when they’re in love; they thought love is something that you feel when you have an interest on someone. If you didn‘t have much knowledge on the topic ‘Love’ you would most likely think ‘Love’ is different from what is actually is, in my opinion I think that was what happened with Romeo and Juliet, which also helps out my next argument about Romeo falling love easilyl In Romeo’s eyes he sees girls as choices, when he sees one he likes, he instantly falls in love with her but when he sees another better one he gives up the previous interest and goes after the new one For an example, Romeo was depressed that his previous love Rosaline (who he was deeply in love with) rejected him, but when he found out Rosaline was going to be at the Capulet’s party he decided to go there no matter what it will take him to do Some people use the fact that Romeo would risk his life to see Juliet is an example that he is in love with Juliet, but he also risked his life by going to see Rosaline which proves that he would risk his life to just see any girl and not specially Juliet.

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When he arrived at the Capulet’s party he was captivated by the beauty of all the girls there while he was looking for Rosaline, which resulted ln Juliet’s beauty capturing his eyes. If Romeo can instantly fall in love with a different girl and forget a girl who he has been in love with for a long time, he can leave Juliet who he married after 1 day of seeing her, which is one of the 3 reasons that they were mainly in lust, especially Romeo, which leads to my next argument about satisfaction. Romeo and Juliet thought what they had for 3 days was ‘Love’ but it was all satisfaction in my eyes. Like I said before without even a proper conversation they started to confess their love to each other.

After the Capulet‘s party, that night Romeo and Juliet met again at the balcony outside of Juliet’s room, and they shared a few words and it was only about love, not about each other’s interests or dislikes or even anything about each other, After the kiss they share after the confession, Romeo asked Juliet “O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?” which in other words Romeo was asking for sex but Juliet mistook it for marriage. Therefore that means even the marriage proposal was a misunderstanding. After examining all the arguments it can be seen that they were never in love but were in lust. From the first scene in the play when they met, to the end of the play it can be seen that they werejust in lust and they rushed everything too fast. If they were really in love they would not have died but found a solution and fixed this situation and would’ve lived happily, but that’s the point of Romeo and Juliet I guess, it was bound to end in an ultimately disastrous way from the moment their eyes first met.

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