Love as an Investment in Romeo and Juliet, a Play by William Shakespeare

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Romeo and I, separated by the musty, yellowing pages of the novel Romeo and Juliet, but are still able to relate to each other through our quest for love But our different personalities, views, and philosophy toward love, is what differentiates us in our quest. Romeo‘s desire for love is an investor, in the dot-com era, but using love as an investment I however, am a much more careful, casual investor, keeping my most valuable asset, love, tucked safely under my bed in a locked safe.

Away from the volatile market. But different as we both are, love is what we both seek, Romeo, although the play does not depict it in such a way, it is easily seen that he is very desperate and greedy for love, Perhaps the first sighting of this personality trait is during the party when he first sees Juliet, after being rejected by Rosaline. This scene is analogous to how an investor would act in the dot-com bubble, any companies with tech related buzz words were desirable.

Romeo sees Rosaline as a new, flashy tech company, a company that is caring, compassionate, and beautiful. But Rosaline does not accept Romeo’s investment, making Romeo upset, swearing off investing, However, as soon he spots Juliet, yet another young, promising new tech company, he immediately seeks her out and quickly liquidates all his love and gives it all to Juliet. The desperation of love is easily seen when the attention is quickly changed from Rosaline to Juliet, The quick change of attention questions the integrity of Romeo’s love, how is it that he is able to drop the disappointing rejection of Rosaline so quickly? With that question in mind, it appears Romeo is only yearning for fast profits of love and affection And that is what he receives, Juliet produces returns on Romeo’s investment by loving him back very much.

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As time went on, and if it was quantifiable, the love Romeo receives exponentially increases, Romeo becomes more attached to Juliet the more love he receives, eventually becoming addicted to the love and affection he receives, unable to separate himself from it. But, the tech bubble pops, and Juliet appears to have died. Romeo then realizes his investment has failed,and kills himself over the loss, Romeo shows all the signs of a generic greedy investor, Over commits by investing more than what he could afford, and in return, losses everything Romeo, whom cannot accept such heavily losses, kills himselft Compared to Romeo, I am an extremely careful investor. I would rather not commit to any high risk investments such as new businesses that I’ve never heard of, I‘d rather invest in something more stable, something I’ve been familiarized witht Something low risk, but at the same time with decent reward. An example is a blue chip stock, like Apple It wasn’t any shady new company, it was a trusted and recognized company.

Additionally, I only invest in what I can afford to lose, so that ifI lose my investment, I will remain standing strong, What does my investment habits show about me? It shows that I’m not worried in finding love, like Romeo is But rather, I’m more interested in keeping love for an extended amount of time That shows a little bit of myself, how I don’t trust everybody I see. How I’m a little more cynical than Romeo, not being able to do so, 1 need a sense of security and trust before 1 can commit to an invested relationship, As different as Romeo and [’5 philosophy for love and investing are, there are only two outcomes of the two paths. Either we find love, or we don’t, But whether we find love or not, is trivial really, the memories of how we got there is not, All the twists and detours we take to get to the promised destination of love But when we get there, we can‘t help but look back and admire the journey.

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