Wasted Food in America

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Everyone sees all the malnutrition children dying overseas because they cant afford to purchase food for themselves or their families. Everyone also sees the people of America sending food and other relief items overseas to aid them. But there is a flip side to that coin which anyone can see by walking into one of Americas many restaurants. People can witness Americans spending allot of money on food then throwing half of it away.

Most of the food that is wasted is for the most part good edible food.

As in the case of McDonalds the wasted food is untouched. Scott said in a recent discussion in class IThey make us throw away the sandwiches after ten minutes because theyare not fresh.. Another girl in class mentioned that people will buy an expensive plate and only eat half go what they pay for and end up trashing the rest. Others say Iwhy throw away the food lets take it homel they donit realize that the Styrofoam box is trashed when they get home. People really need to moderate what they order so they donit have to take it all home or worse throw it away. After a busy night at the Japanese restaurant Miyako you see first hand all the wasted food piled up in a fifty five gallon trash bucket. If you also get the honor of washing the dishes you get to shove platefuls of food down the drain.

Why does everyone waste so much food? Well in Scotts case at McDonalds most of the people don t want to wait that extra minute and a half therefore they have to make more food than the amount of people that come through the restaurant.

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sometimes people order something they donit like and end up wasting it but even that adds up to a lot of wasted food. The other reason food is wasted is that people will only spend a lot if they get a lot but for the most part they get a lot but donit eat a lot. on top of that probably only about 40 percent of people take home their food the rest is wasted.

Everyone wasted food and donit even realize it, all those pizza crusts and half eaten bowls of soup really add up quickly every single time anyone throws away any food they should take just one minute to think of a starving child in a third world country that would kill for what someone else calls their trash.

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