Virtual Reality In The Real World

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Firstly, extended reality is the scope of taking the real world environment and combining it with virtual perception giving it a realistic feeling and while it is a good feeling it does have its down sides in usage.

One such down side is the environment/ surrounding, with people being able to purchase their own VR gear in the house hold its going to be a fun experience. Well for the most part it is, until you break something in the house and maybe hurt yourself in the process.

Some called it having fun most see it as blatant stupidity. The VR takes the sight and sometimes both audio and sight which the user needs to navigate the real world.

The fact is that you won’t know what’s really going on in your surrounding because you can’t see or hear. There has been multiple cases of persons getting hurt even at a VR station/ lounge workers there get hurt as well because the user has no clue of what’s going on in the real world. The extensive cabling as well to setup VR station can pose a problem for users Most person’s and also business that revolves around VR finding solutions for the cabling issues the it’s not the same for a person with their own setup this can be hazardous. VR gear/ stations while fun possess a lot of risk to the user who is locked in his own world and perception of reality and the person outside of the machine.

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Like every other new technology growing for the past years, definitely had some problems when it comes on to human usage and Virtual/ augmented reality is in that same family tree. It does have health issues towards there users. Many users upon purchased wasn’t given details about the device risk or the consumer didn’t even bothered to see what health risk they might encounter. Now adults do take some precaution but not so much that they aren’t exposed to the dangers of the device and most of the times it’s least likely for children. For the average consumers health issues can range from anxiety, nausea, radiation, and eye strain. For the more than average it will be a lot more severe such as mental health. In the grand scheme of everything it is beneficial due to the unknown but these issues needs to be address.

Also as it pertains to the concept of extended reality there isn’t much diversity in its usage for a regular consumer. The contents that are out there for users are mainly games and motion videos not much out there content wise, significant organizations with cutting edge programming, equipment and content might have the option to go alone by exploiting the power they have. However others cannot get those capabilities unless they are a group striving for the same goal. 3D building solving human biological problems and the list goes on of some of the applications that are not main stream. So while still in the developing phase customers really cannot expect a lot especially being a small business.

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