Virtual Team at Ta Stearns

Organizational Behavior| Virtual Team at TA Stearns| Case Incident Solution| | | Questions and Answers 1. Why is this group a team? This group is a team because they are engaged in a positive coordination and enduring their efforts which is resulting in greater performance. 2. Has anyone in this case acted unethically? The two employees Tom and CY violated their company’s trust. They did this by hiding their new technique of working which helps them save additional hours, and they preferred it using for their leisure.

And the company is in impression that they are working complete working hours and justifying their money. In the other case they would’ve handled more work and gain more money and bring the benefit to the company at the same time 3. What if any characteristics of groupthink are manifested in the work team? Their high moral status was one of the factors that was resulting in groupthink. The group members think that they can cover up their new innovative strategy and assumed that it was ok to keep this hidden so that they can enjoy more free time.

They coordinated their schedules on how to work on these issues, even tried to hide it from the group leader. 4. Has Dave been an effective team leader? Yes he was as he was very much watchful on his team and knew the members enough to judge that there is something unusual going on which he needed to sort out quickly. He even discussed his issues with Cy, which shows that he was a good leader.

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5. What should Dave do now? Dave should make the upper management aware of what the virtual team is been going on. He could’ve introduced this strategy in a positive way to save time, and as an added skill of the virtual team.

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Virtual Team at Ta Stearns
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