The Benefits of Vegetarianism

The Benefits of Vegetarianism


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Deciding what a person will eat is a personal choice. Some people will choose a meat-eating lifestyle, some a mixture and others will chose a vegetarian lifestyle. There are many people who do not support a vegetarian diet, for a number of reasons, including limited the idea they are not healthy. They also consider vegetarian movement to be tactics used by environmentalist to promote animal welfare. For those who support vegetarianism it is a whole different story.

They believe that vegetarian diets are beneficial because they are morally superior and do not kill animals for food. They argue that vegetarian diets are healthy and can aid people in living long, healthy lives. Finally, choose vegetarianism will be better for the environment. Given all of the information there is evidence that vegetarianism is the better choice for humanity on all fronts. Vegetarianism is a worthwhile and likely beneficial life choice that will pay off in the long term.


Society is made up of many different people, who have differing philosophies, ideas and choices. Human beings make choices for themselves every day. They choose how they will dress, where they work and how they will live their life. One of the many choices people make is what they will eat. Some people embrace a meat-eating lifestyle, some prefer a more omnivorous diet and some option for a vegetarian diet. There are many who believe that vegetarian diets are not normal, healthy or realistic.

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There are many others who argue that the vegetarian diet is far healthier and morally superior. After reviewing the available information, it becomes clear that while people have the right to choose, a vegetarian diet is more beneficial, than detrimental, because it ends the needless killing of animals, the diets are manageable and healthy and, lastly, it is beneficial for the environment.


The two sides of the vegetarian argument continue to argue and not see eye-to-eye. There are many who feel vegetarian diets fail to provide proper nourishment. People will become weak and sickly on a strictly vegetarian diet. Also, those who oppose vegetarianism argue that it is just a tactic for “environmentalists” to promote animal welfare issues (ProCon Organization, 2018). All the same, those arguments in support of vegetarianism answer the opposition’s concerns and make the greatest sense.

Saves Animals: Millions and millions of animals are raised for the purposes of providing food to the meat-eating masses. There are also dairy farms that produce animal-based products, like milk and cheese. There are less than humane conditions forced upon animals in the food industry. Human beings are not carnivorous by nature, they are omnivorous, which means they can thrive on both types of diets (Newman, 2017). This means that the need to kill and consume is no longer necessary. To continue to do so when alternatives exist is both unethical and immoral.

Good Health: As with any diet it is necessary for an individual to have the proper nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Vegetarian diets do not always supply all of those daily essentials (Leitzmann, 2014). However, there is a simple solution to this problem. Any lacking dietary needs can be balanced with supplements. It is possible to live a life that is just as healthy, just as long, maybe longer, and just as nutritious as a meat-eating diet, without the need for meat or other animal products.

Environmentally Friendly: It requires acres and acres of land to feed the animals that will ultimately become food. Becoming a vegetarian will lessen the pollution associated with meat production. This is destructive to the environment. It is also very reasonable to say that with more vegetarians in the world it would also represent a far more stable and sustainable food sources well into the future (The Vegetarian Times, 2019). These kinds of changes could benefit ecosystems and wildlife. Many people are always asking what they can do to better the environment, becoming a vegetarian is one of them.


No one is going to force people to become a vegetarian. The wonderful thing about a free nation is that people get to make those choices for themselves. Choosing vegetarianism would be a good choice. Many people do not embrace vegetarianism because of the disparaging commentary against it via the mainstream societal view. The reality is that vegetarianism can be an incredibly healthy dietary choice. Vegetarianism can lessen the need to rely on animals and animal products. Finally, it can be beneficial for the environment to choose vegetarianism, which is important for whole planet in the long run. Vegetarianism is a positive life choice that everyone could benefit from considering.


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The Benefits of Vegetarianism
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