Using Rituals Might Change a Lawyer Luck

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Attempting rituals and superstitions can give lawyers good luck Lawyers need all the luck they can get to win a capital case. “It is not so far»fetched to believe a lucky charm can make you perform better” Mr, Richman believes that if he returns to the same restaurant to order the same dish every day that it will give him good luck. Several weeks later he loses the case and says he is not superstitious Doing rituals and believing in superstitions can boost confidence and give good luck.

A lawyer needs all the confidence he can get The lawyers must know that “believing in [themselves] can actually boost your performance”.  Mr. Ruhnke uses blue, green, or white binders because he claims these are life colorsi He believes using these binders will give him confidence and luck, The placebo effect can help a lawyer feel more confident. “He has no plans to alter his ways”.

Mn Ruhnke has been in sixteen capital cases, and he only lost two, which shows that the ritual works for him, Being a lawyer is a significant job because they defend a defendant’s right, Without luck and confidence, they will not be a successful lawyer “Essentially,[you] have superstitions because you want to believe that you can change your fate or someone else’s Luck can come from a variety of items and actions Mr, Brafman wears a Bendel to ward off the evil eye.

He also stated that it gives him luck not only professionally, but also in his personal life.

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Mr. Brafman enjoys the luck he receives and will not take the Bendel off. During a case, some lawyers may allow typically bad superstitions but they make it up with good ritualsi Mrt Shargel will walk under ladders, let black cats walk in front of him, but he will not pass up a beggar. “He typically gives a [twenty dollar bill]”.

He believes that his good deed will redeem his previously encountered bad superstitions. He has even done it in every economy and through the recession, which might help him win cases Even though lawyers do their rituals, there is still a chance to lose the case. Lawyers such as Mr. Richman do their very own ritual for a serious case but end up losing. A ritual is supposed to give a lawyer good luck, and not win the trial for then. When Mr, Richman lost the case, maybe he was unlucky or he did not have enough evidence. “Nonetheless, the next Lime he has a trial in the Bronx, a table awaits”  Mr. Richman lost the case, but he still has not given up on his own ritual.

This shows that he will never give up his ritual and he will keep doing it for his own success Another lawyer is more successful such as Mr. Ruhnke sends email with blue ink instead of black ink. He uses white, blue, and red colored binders. He calls these colors life colors. Mr. Ruhnke does this odd ritual and wins all of his cases but two, That is “an accomplishment in a field where the goal is to save a defendant’s life”. Attempting rituals and believing in superstitions will boost the confidence of a lawyer and will bring them good luck. This is all done with their beliefs and sometimes the placebo effect. Lawyers will keep doing rituals and believing in superstitions to improve their performance

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