Truth by Peter Temple Review

Peter Temple’s novel “Truth” asks the reader highest concentration. He is confronted with unmanageable many names, places of action, small enclosed plot lines, time jumps, relationships, dependencies, horrific crimes and more. One can hardly afford to put this book for a few days aside, otherwise you will probably hard to get into it. What has stuck by this highly complex novel? Why “truth” was awarded the prestigious literary prize “Miles Franklin Award”? In the heart of the action is Stephan Villani, the head of the Melbourne homicide.

His work is a top priority for him; He wants to have everything under control do everything themselves; his nights are short – if it ever comes to sleep.

If he for his investigation could at least concentrate pursue – but no, he is constantly under pressure, chasing from crime scene to crime scene, from appointment to appointment. The media sit him in the neck, and the politicians lure one hand with transport, on the other hand they threaten with expulsion if he does not start the way they want and can finally rest a delicate murder case In his family -.

His wife has since left him – he is a real father loser. His daughter Lizzie slips into the drug scene; he pushes his daughter Colin responsibility.

Again and again he is drawn to his own father Bob. Together they have when he was a little boy still drawn tree seedlings and later planted in an area. Now a fire is approaching, threatening the forest and Bob’s whole existence.

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About the past of his father, in particular its lucrative military action in Vietnam, Stephan learns little. Two very cruel crimes and their education are the single continuous storylines. They are situated diametrically opposed: one in the milieu of high society, the rich and influential, the other with the underdogs, the gangsters. Despite all the stones that you put in his way, Villani will find out the truth. You should just reading this absolutely extraordinary mysteries eventually loosen up, take all the people and actions as they come and do not despair if times the overview disappears or a detail is no longer available.

But one then senses the dense atmosphere. Realistic, investigative, sobering, shocking and without any illusion Paul Temple skin to the reader the “truth” of Australian society (the European sure in no way inferior) tough around the ears. Since there seems to be nothing Honest: Everyone – whether police, role models of society or politicians – only sees his profits and social advancement. Seemingly at random, there all kinds of crimes – fraud, corruption, violence, venal sex and murder – with unrestrained, unimaginable brutality. Fast-paced action cuts, often pushed by surprise, speed forward to full speed. The dialogues are mostly rough, ruthless, hurtful. Decency, education and morality are obviously foreign words. A bleak vision of the society of the 21st century. Despite the safe-deserved literary prize is this thriller not please every reader. He does not follow a formulaic, no 08/15 knitting patterns, but the reader is required, and the novel may be the effort.

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