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Essay on “The Golden Temple”

In 1950, a Buddhist novice in a fit of madness burned the temple Kinkaku-ji – the “Golden Temple”, is the most famous architectural monument of the former Japanese capital of Kyoto. Japanese writer and a true Samurai Yukio Mishima (1925 – 1970), has always believed that death makes perfect even more perfect, he was so shocked by this event that already in 1956 was born the son of an unusual story of an ordinary poor provincial Buddhist priest. I found no mention of the true name of the arsonist “Golden Temple”, the Japanese probably were wiser inhabitants of Ephesus and is not known for its thirsty person, but almost all over the world, it sounds like Mizoguchi.

frail, sickly, and besides, even with stuttering Mizoguchi teenager could not go into the army (it there would not have)

«- So you stutter? It is necessary to you in our school to do – there is of you that

dope in the two accounts will beat

Golden Temple Essay

And then the answer jumped out at me by itself, against my will, I do not


– I’ve nothing to do in school.

I’m a monk

All fell silent, and the young god, stooping, plucked a blade of grass and put it in the


-.. It is clear. So, in a year or have you pray for the repose of the

my life.

At that time, the war in the Pacific has already begun. »

and became a novice, and when his father died he took to his father’s old friend – the rector of the “Golden temple” in Kyoto.

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So Mizoguchi entered the temple and began to live and learn at Kinkaku-ji …. . To a few years to burn it

Prose Mishima is unusual, but very lyrical, it is different from European or American (especially the period 40 – ’60 of the twentieth century), but not so much that it was impossible to perceive. Mishima including often called the most “European” of the Japanese writers, and it was he who opened the largely Japanese literature to the world. Probably the main thing in his prose – some sort of unusual sincerity and a deep analysis of the thoughts and feelings. His characters almost never admired but always striking in their inner strength and self-destructive sense of purpose.

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The novel adapted for the screen in 1958 and 1976

in 1987, the temple began to restore, and ended in 2003, when the roof.

was restored PPS Many attribute suicide Mishima (seppoku, seppuku) to the fact that he had not given the Nobel Prize for literature (then it was Sholokhov), but this is a very controversial version … even though he tried to be the first in everything (which is only one hobby bodybuilding th, where it reached a peak for the Japanese top) are much more of it did not suit the “restructuring” of Japanese society in the western way, so that after a failed attempt to revolt, for him, as a true samurai simply had no choice.

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