Authentic Assessment Tools

In all classrooms around the United States, the classroom is created by the state standards for content and context. Assessments must take place in the classroom and have to be consistent with the curriculum that is taught. Not only do assessments need to be fair but the students’ achievement and opportunity has to be assessed Read More

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Access to Success

“Widening participation”, “lifelong learning” and “the expansion of Higher Education” are familiar ideas which have been variously absorbed into the education policy agendas of successive British governments. Access courses have played a key role in the growth of Further and Higher Education, particularly in providing educational opportunities for adult learners who missed out on the Read More

How did Directed Activities Related to Text come about

Traditionally secondary school pupils copied from the blackboard or from dictation to make a set of notes that they learned (by heart) for exams. However, copying things down is a completely passive task requiring little mental effort or involvement in the lesson. As comprehensive schools developed during the mid-1970s, classes became increasingly differentiated with some Read More

Using Grades to Motivate

When thinking about school and all that goes on during school, grading and getting good grades is an important aspect. Students are sometimes more worried about getting a good grade on an assignment rather than learning the actual material. It is the teacher’s job to give students an assessment that is directly related to the Read More

Terror in the Classroom

It was a cold and snowy day in February of 1995. I was in seventh grade. I remember walking to my locker in the morning, and as I turned the corner, I saw it happen. My young eyes peered upon one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed. My heart started pounding, and my Read More

Which of these perspectives may have the potential to contribute to the development of novice writers into expert writers

Like an artist painting a picture, the writer creates a journey into the specific meaning of the image that they are producing, perhaps for the sake of him or herself, perhaps for the reader, maybe to influence or educate, or simply to entertain. Whatever the purpose, well-composed work, whether subtly or flagrantly, distinguishes itself as Read More

Assessment in primary science

In 1998, professors Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam carried out extensive research in which they quantified assessment methods used in classrooms. The objective of this survey was to evaluate methods used to assess learning; the aim was to locate the most successful evaluation methods in producing actual student learning and comprehension of the specific area Read More

The benefits of creativity in education

Throughout the observation (see Task A, which gives a full outline of the observation task) it was the intention to observe forms of creativity and how it is successfully incorporated across the curriculum, in this case literacy. The teacher is an inspirational teacher who is very interested in developing thinking skills, creative teaching and promoting Read More